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Verseo Electrolysis

When it comes to permanent hair removal there is no better and reliable method than electrolysis. In fact, electrolysis is the only hair removal technique that the FDA will classify as permanent. But the main downside to this treatment is the cost. That’s why so many people are opting for Verseo electrolysis. It gives you virtually the same result at a fraction of the price.

Electrolysis involves sending an electrical current down a hair follicle and into the root in order to kill it so that it won’t produce another hair. This version of the technique uses an ePen to deliver the electrical charge. Like the professional version used in salons and private offices, the ePen delivers current like its bigger counterpart to one hair at a time or to a much larger area with the use of adhesive pads.

This sophisticated device uses galvanic, or voltaic technology, to permanently eliminate hair in a single session. When the current hits the hair it kills the dermal and germative cells of the hair. It accomplishes this due to the fact that salt is already found in the skin- in this case at the hair root. When the electrical charge hits it then sodium hydroxide, or lye, is formed. This solution is highly corrosive and permanently damages the root beyond repair.

If you are looking to remove just a few hairs from your face, for instance, then you can use the ePen to have more precise control over where you will be working. But for larger areas you can attach the adhesive pads and take on more hair at once.

This is the same concept that salons and private professionals use in their offices. And the results are just as effective. After only a few weeks an individual will notice a considerable improvement in hair removal. There is even conductive gel that can be used with the ePen to reduce the amount of discomfort during the process.

Even though electrolysis has been around for well over a hundred years using the Verseus electrolysis ePen is a way to take the technique and improve on it. It gives you virtually the same results, but allows you to perform the procedure in the comfort of your own home and at your own schedule. Plus, since you will be using your own equipment there is considerable savings to be made. And who doesn’t want to save money?

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