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Boils On Buttocks – Simple Home Remedy Steps

Boils aren’t really what you’d consider one of life’s little joys, and having boils on buttocks is just so much worse. Talk about a mood killer. If you get a boil, particularly one ‘down under’ you’re going to want to get it healed up as soon as possible. In order to help your boil heal up there are some things you’re going to want to do and some things you should avoid at all costs or risk making things a lot worse.

Boils are infections that are caused by bacteria on the skin entering into the body through a cut. This cut can be something as small as a nick while shaving. The bacteria can be slowly building into an infection for up to two weeks before anything is noticeable on your skin. Once the boil starts to show up it will start out as a small pimple looking lump.

After a few days that relatively small lump will fill with pus ( pus is a combination of dead skin cells, bacteria and blood cells) and will grow bigger and usually look more white than red.

When the boil reaches this size the best thing you can do is to keep the skin clean and apply a warm compress to the area several times during the day. A warm compress is just a wash cloth that has been soaked in hot water then applied directly to the boil. Make sure that the washcloth isn’t too hot or not only will you have a boil on your butt, you’ll also burn your bottom.

The heat of the compress will allow the pus to rise to the surface of the boil. Once the pus is at the surface it will exert a lot of pressure on the already thin layer of skin that makes up the outer layer of the boil. Once enough pressure is applied, the boil will rupture and all the pus will drain away.

Once the boil ruptures and the pus is drained the skin around the boil can start to heal. During this time it’s important to keep that area covered and clean to prevent another infection from forming. After several days your bottom should be tip top again.

While treating your boil it’s very important that you keep the area of the boil cleaned and use an antibiotic cream. Make sure to wash your hands often especially if you have touched the boil or you can spread the infection to other parts of your body and end up with several boils.

If you get several boils in one spot or if you have a fever or red striations around the boil, you should contact your doctor since these are signs of a more serious infection and it should be treated right away.

Boils on buttocks are no laughing matter, they can be painful, embarrassing and even potentially dangerous if the infection gets out of control. Use this information to help you get rid of these unsightly skin infections as soon as possible.

This article is not medical advice and should not be interperted or used to replace professional medical advice from your personal medical doctor.

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