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How to Bathe Useful Tips

Bath is an effective beauty therapy. It is important not only for cleanliness but also for the proper maintenance of skin.Plan and use every minute of it tothe : do everything you have to do and then relax for as along as you possibly can. Use this time to really unwind: do a few exercises while the bath is running. Take this time and use it to the full Exploit and use the freedom and emerge calm , clean and refreshed in body and mind: a new woman !

In the morning prefer to take your bath under the shower.Cold water closes the skin pores and helps you shake off early morning laziness.

While the tap is on, undress and tuck your hair away form your face and neck. Remove face make-up if any, with a cleansing lotion.

Blow your nose and clean the nostril with a damp absorbent cotton or tissue paper.

Get into the bath tub and relax completely for a few minutes.

Apply soap to the upper part of your body. Rub every part except your breasts with the friction mitt.

Pay special attention to your neck and clean it with the friction mitt.

Give circulation to your arms, elbows and shoulders too and use the friction mitt on legs, heels and ankles.

Use a bath brush to give the back of your body a thorough scrub and prevent spots.

Use an anti-perspirant in the armpits.

Relax completely atleast for five minutes before stepping out of the bath.

Towel your body dry.

Apply talcum powder on under-arms, feet and the public area.

Rub body lotion or massage cream on the rest of your body.

Clean your navel.

After a bath, try to relax for a few minutes before starting dressing up.

While using soap, fresh, lukewarm water is the best for bathing because hot water, may damage oil glands.

Do not be economical in your use of water for bathing.

Use standard bath body care products

Ascertain before wiping that you have washed off all soap.

Towels should be clear, soft and puffy.

Wipe with towel by dabbing and then rubbing gently.

Do not rub towel on delicate parts like face, neck, chin and stomach or else wrinkles will appear.

Relax for a few minutes after a refreshing bath.

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