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Mobility Scooter Maintenance

If you are an owner of a mobility scooter then one of the most important factors in maintaining your mobility scooter in good working order is to ensure that is serviced at the recommended intervals. You should refer to your manual for this information. Please remember that it may be necessary to have your scooter services to uphold the warranty.

But you can carry out a few simple things which will also help prolong the life of your mobility scooter:

1. Keeping your mobility scooter – Regular cleaning of the scooter will not only keep your scooter looking good, but also help prevent dust, dirt, grit etc getting into any moving parts and causing wear and tear.

2. Keeping your mobility scooter dry – With the British weather it is only a matter of time before your scooter will get wet, but by drying it afterwards can help prevent rust setting in. By drying fabrics such as the seat will also prolong the life of the scooter. It may also be advisable to purchase a wet weather cover in case you are caught in the rain.

3. Maintaining the battery – This is probably one of the most important parts of the scooter to correctly maintain. Ensure that you follow the manufacturers guide to charging the battery. This will ensure that you receive the maximum travel range when using the mobility scooter but also extend the life of the battery.

Spend some time carefully reading the manual which will give useful tips and advice on how to maintain your scooter. Ensure regular servicing to prolong the life of the scooter. It may be possible for the technician to undertake the service at your home to ensure you will not be without your mobility scooter for a long period of time.

Do not be afraid to discuss the maintenance with the company from which you are purchasing the scooter, they to may be able to give good tips and advice on how to look after you new scooter.

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