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Top Brands of Birth Control Condoms

For couples who are not yet ready to start having children, the only solution for this dilemma is to take a reliable and effective birth control method. Today, many forms of contraceptive methods are introduced and promoted to be used by millions of sexually active men and women worldwide. In fact, there are many methods to choose from. It is up for couples to decide and plan which methods and practices would best suit their health conditions as well as needs.

Perhaps, one of the most popular and widely used forms of birth control is the condom, which is available for both men and women. Condoms are not only cheap and easy to use, but they are also known as among the most effective and convenient forms of contraceptive products.

As for availability, condoms can also be acquired almost anywhere drugstores, convenience stores, and even department stores. Apart from efficiency in preventing pregnancy, condoms also protect men and women from acquiring sexually transmitted diseases. Overall, condom is, indeed, the best choice of birth control if one is looking for an effective and reversible form of protection.

With the popularity of condoms among sexually active men and women, there are also numerous product variations available in the market today for consumers to choose from. Below are some of the most sought-after brands of birth control condoms that are widely available in the market today:

1. Trojan condoms

Trojan, which is also the manufacturer of Trojan ENZ, Trojan Magnum, and Trojan Warm Sensations, is known to be the leading condom brand in the United States. This condom brand offers wide variation of packs. Trojan condom prices range from seven to 10 dollars, depending on number of packs.

2. Okamoto condoms

Among the top condom brands out in the market today, Okamoto condoms are known to be the most reliable packs. These condoms are made from Sheerlon, a material that is well-acclaimed for its sensuous and natural feel. One of the best brands of Okamoto condoms is the Crown, which is noted for being the thinnest condom available on many stores today. For a different protection experience, try Okamoto’s Crown condom for men.

3. Lifestyle condoms

For condoms that are available in different lubrication variations, Lifestyle condom is the recommended brand to sexually active men and women. Lifestyle condoms vary in spermicidically lubricated, non-lubricated, and lubricated styles. This popular condom brand also comes in variety packs for those who prefer to try and check out the brand’s assortment styles.

4. Elexa condoms

Elexa is one of the preferred condom brands today by many people. These condoms are inexpensive, convenient, and very easy to use. Elexa and other safer sex products are also available on various online stores that sell contraceptive products.

5. Inspiral condoms

Called as the revolutionary brand of condom, Inspiral’s loose spiral makes a sliding action once used, giving stimulating sensation to both partners. Inspiral condoms are also notably thicker, thus, providing better protection from leaks or sexually transmitted diseases. Since an Inspiral condom has a thin texture, it is more durable and stronger than other condom brands.

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