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Want To Learn What Are Steroids?

The immense popularity and controversy often make you people keener to know, what are steroids? Most of you might have heard of steroids, but may not know exactly what are steroids? “What are steroids?” is perhaps the most important question that you direly need to know the answer of.

You can get the exact answer of what are steroids from any of the medical experts. You may also get the answer online. There are numerous online sites offering tones of info on steroids and anabolic steroids. isteroids.com is one of the best sites to get the answer of what are steroids? Here is isteroids.com sponsored valuable steroid terms that will really help you know, ‘what are steroids’.

ANABOLIC STEROIDS also known as anabolic-androgenic steroids or AAS a class of steroid hormones related to the hormone testosterone. ‘Anabolic’ refers to muscle-building and ‘androgenic’ refers to masculine growth. These are testosterone derivates or synthetically prepared chemocal compounds to promote general body growth.

ANDROSTANES The steroid family from which the androgens are derived.

BILE ACIDS & SALTS Steroid acids and salts; the primary bile acids are derived from cholesterol in the liver and usually conjugated with glycine or taurine. The secondary bile acids are further modified by bacteria in the intestine. They play an important role in the digestion and absorption of fat. They have also been used pharmacologically, especially in the treatment of gallstones.

BROMINATED STEROIDS Steroids that are substituted with one or more bromine atoms in any position

BUFANOLIDES Steroids derived from various Bufo species and often possessing cardiotonic properties.

CARDANOLIDES The aglycone constituents of CARDIAC GLYCOSIDES. The ring structure is basically a cyclopentanoperhydrophenanthrene nucleus attached to a lactone ring at the C-17 position.

CHOLANE a steroid with a molecular weight of 330.59

CHOLESTANES Derivatives of the saturated steroid cholestane with methyl groups at C-18 and C-19 and an iso-octyl side chain at C-17.

CHLORINATED STEROIDS Steroids that are substituted with one or more chlorine atoms in any position

CYCLOSTEROIDS Steroid derivatives in which one or more bridges is formed between carbon atoms at any locant in any of the rings.

ESTRANES A group of compounds forming the nucleus of the estrogenic steroid family.

FLUORINATED STEROIDS Steroids that are substituted with one or more fluorine atoms in any position

GONANES Steroids that contain the fundamental tetracyclic unit with no methyl groups at C-10 and C-13 and with no side chain at C-17. The concept includes both saturated and unsaturated derivatives.

HETEROCYCLIC STEROIDS Steroidal compounds in which one or more carbon atoms in the steroid ring system have been substituted with non-carbon atoms

HOMOSTEROIDS Steroids whose structure has been expanded by the addition of one or more carbon atoms to the ring skeleton in any of the four rings.

HYDROXYSTEROIDS Steroids in which one or more hydroxy groups have been substituted for hydrogen atoms either within the ring skeleton or on any of the side chains.

KETOSTEROIDS Steroid derivatives formed by oxidation of a methyl group on the side chain or a methylene group in the ring skeleton to form a ketone.

NORSTEROIDS Steroids which have undergone contraction in ring size or reduction in side chains.

PREGNANES Saturated derivatives of the steroid pregnane. The 5-beta series includes PROGESTERONE and related hormones; the 5-alpha series includes forms generally excreted in the urine.

SECOSTEROIDS Steroids in which fission of one or more ring structures and concomitant addition of a hydrogen atom at each terminal group has occurred.

SPIROSTANS Steroid derivatives containing a fused lactone ring at the 16, 17-position and a spiroglycosidic linkage at C-22. The most common representatives in this group are the plant-derived SAPOGENINS.

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