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What Can I Do To Relieve Back Pain

The stress that you feel is well known to many as you ask, “What can I do to relieve back pain?” Many lives are put on hold for days, weeks, months, or even years as they try to deal with this problem. For many it comes as a result of injury, for some just being used in a way that it isn’t used to. There could even be some deeper problem that could result in surgery and be caused by disease. There are some people who are prone to it because of family histories and genes. Whatever the case, though, they are all doing the same thing and that is asking, “What can I do to relieve back pain?”

“What can I do to relieve back pain from an injury?”

The injury can come from any number of things, it can be a pulled muscle that you got from playing some sport that you haven’t in a while and that you properly weren’t warmed up for. It can also come from something as silly as a sneeze. You may have fallen down. For whatever reason, if the pain is mild you might be able to handle it without going to a doctor. If you have any doubts or concerns, you should go see a doctor.

Use a cold pack on your back for the first 72 hours. The first day of that time frame, use it for ten minutes every hour. For the next two days, use it 3 times per day. After that, then change to heat.

Make sure that you give your back a chance to rest, especially if it is a muscle pull. Lay on your back, preferably on the floor, with a pillow under your head and with your feet elevated. They can either be slightly elevated with a pillow under your knees or with your feet up in a chair and your legs bent at the knees.

Take ibuprofen as recommended on the label and if the pain persists for longer than 3-4 days, talk to your doctor.

“What can I do to relieve back pain that will help prevent further injuries?”

There are some things that you can do that will help lessen the pain and will also lessen the chances that the pain will get worse. One of these things is making sure you are wearing the right shoes. Make sure they are comfortable and low heeled. Also if you have to stand for extended periods of time, rest your foot on a step or low stool. You may want to do that same thing while sitting down as well as making sure that you are sitting with proper posture. You will also wand to make sure that your work station is at a comfortable level so that you don’t have to keep looking down of have your back hunched over.

The best answer to that question, “What can I do to relieve back pain?” is to look closely and find the reason for it and remedy that.

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