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What Is The Secret To Attracting Prosperity?

We would all like to live more fulfilling lives so what is the secret to attracting prosperity?

You must adopt 100% responsibility for the life you currently lead. Harsh as it may sound, you are the reason why your life is in the state it is. You can be dealt a cruel blow. We all have a story to tell, but it is the way that we deal with the hurdles we face; which determines how our life turns out.

If you are constantly depressed and miserable, your life is not going to change. You will attract people who are also disillusioned with life. If you sit around discussing all that is wrong with your life, you are focusing on exactly what you don’t want. But the Universe doesn’t understand that you are not asking for more of the same. All it “hears” is what you focus on and if that’s bad stuff then it sends more to you.

You need to practice being grateful. I know exactly how difficult this can be but everyone has something in their lives for which they should give thanks. We may have financial or health worries but we can still appreciate the fact we are alive today. We have the sunshine/wind/rain. We have the ability to hear/see/sense the world around us.

We have family, friends and loved ones. Two very important words in the English language are Thank You. All religions the world over suggest that we should give thanks for what we have. When was the last time you did? If you don’t thank God or the universe for what you currently have, why should you receive anything else?

The secret to attracting prosperity is to be thankful for the gifts you have. But you can’t just say thank you and expect wonderful things to happen. You need to “feel” grateful.

We are all on this earth for a reason. Show kindness to your fellow human beings. Be positive in your thoughts, actions and words. If you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all. Be the light in other people’s life. We all know people that radiate an inner glow of happiness. When they call, our days improve. You can be that person. People will be drawn towards you like moths to the flame.

Being prosperous doesn’t just mean having money but it does help. In order to have money, you first need to give it away. What? How can you get rich giving away money? There is a spiritual law of tithing. It says that we should give away 10% of all that we receive. There are always those less fortunate than we are and by helping others you will attract help yourself.

Remember that you are a magnet. Or some people liken themselves to a boomerang. hen you throw a boomerang it always comes back to you. Similarly whatever actions you “throw” into life, will come back to you.

Whether you believe in the law of attraction or not, it really doesn’t matter. Try living your life in a more prosperous joyful state and you will have no problem attracting prosperity.

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