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Why Commit To Body Building Training

Why would you commit to body building training? I am guessing that you want to look slimmer, more toned, have a washboard stomach and a butt that sticks out rather than heading south. Would I be right?

The girls you see with the figures like this may have got away without working out when they were teenagers, but once you hit your twenties you have to hit the gym to keep looking this way. Body building is a means of building muscle using weights.

To get the most effective workout you should actually combine aerobic training and weight training. Aerobic activities help you to burn fat and calories. It also helps to improve bone density and the strength of your lungs. If you do your workout outside, you also benefit from fresh air and hopefully some vitamin D from the sun.

Weight training can be done at home but unless you are lucky enough to have your own private gym you should really go to a proper gym. Don’t be tempted to jump right in and start lifting weights if you have never done it before. You need to build up some muscle first and really you should only work out under the care of a properly qualified instructor.

Sit down with them and explain what you would like to achieve and how much time you have. He or she will go through your diet with you as well as teach you how to use the equipment. They will probably work out a routine for you involving free weights and perhaps a machine or two.

You will need to work on your diet as well as your exercise program. You should complete at least 5 sessions of cardio exercise a week and ideally this should happen before you have breakfast. You should also alternate the days on which you do cardio workouts with those that you lift weights on.

You should stop eating three large meals a day and instead have five or six little ones. Complex carbohydrates, quality proteins and good fats are now on the menu as are plenty of fruit and vegetables. The days of pizza and chips have gone along with lying out on the sofa.

You have to believe that you will achieve the results you want from bodybuilding training or otherwise it is completely pointless starting it. The best way to success is to write down what you are going to achieve and how. You have to get really specific so instead of I will lose weight, you should have something like I will lose a dress size by a specific date.

You should also plan your diary as to when you are going to fit in your gym sessions and your cardio workouts. This level of detail will give you the best chance of succeeding as your brain will believe that you will do it. It will now concentrate its energies on helping you to complete your body building training.

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