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You always might’ve had problems when it came to playing host for a couple of days for some relatives or friends, which came from a different city or country. You are definitely a welcoming and warm host but you had nothing to tell or do about the space you are providing them with. You only have 2 or three rooms and if you are lucky two bathrooms after all. But you don’t need a villa to make your guests feel at home. To make their days and nights in your house as pleasant as possible, just try and follow some of the advice bellow.

A healthy and calm sleep

You will win the hearts of your guests with a comfortable big and soft bed. The bed is a necessary ingredient and an element on which depends the room arrangements in luxury hotels. A good night sleep makes wonders. Maybe you don’t have a special budget for this things but it is better to offer your guests the bed you would love to sleep in. A couch just doesn’t make the trick, especially if it is placed in the living room, and everybody passes through while your guests are trying to sleep.

Invest money in quality bedroom furniture and your guests will thank you for your decision the next morning. And don’t forget about pillows! A fluffy soft pillow that sends you directly to the world of dreams is the best thing for a perfect sleep.

The desk lamp, an important object

Make sure there is enough light in the room you will host your guests in. Many people rather read a book before they go to sleep, so it is preferable that they have at the high end of their bed on a night stand a lamp, for reading, that can be turned on and off without having to get out of bed.

Create a home away from home

If your guests will stay over for more than a night, they won’t feel right without a table or a desk to write on. They might need to put order in different bills, to organize their wallet or purse, to list the details for the remaining of their trip and all these are not possible without a desk at their disposal.

A house robe and slippers to maximum comfort!

It is well known that when you go on a trip you rarely get to actually pack the bags properly and to get along all those things that actually make you feel at home. The robe and the slippers are in this category and they also are probably the first things you will not pack when planning a trip. So you must provide your guests with them, they need these to feel more at home.

A bookshelf full of books

What can be better on a trip than retrieving your calm amongst the pages of a good book? If you just finished reading an exceptional novel then you should borrow it to your guests. This is actually a very good idea, especially because your discussions about the subjects this book deals with will be fun and constructive.

The last touch

You cannot fail with a vase full of fresh flowers, placed right on the table in their room. You can decorate the room with seasonal flowers, your favorite flowers or your guests’ favorite flowers if you know that about them.

A bowl of water and glasses, a radio-clock, a body lotion are useful objects that we all have on your nightstands.

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