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Try a Home Remedy for an Ear Infection

A home remedy for an ear infection may be your best option if you are a parent. Children tend to get ear infections often and it can be costly going to the doctor each time. It’s especially bothersome when you are on vacation and you need a quick fix. Luckily there are many treatments you can do yourself.
People have been dealing with ear infections using the products they have sitting in their home for many years. These are things that have been working since the days when doctors weren’t readily available, so people had to treat themselves. You can take advantage of these treatments too.
No matter where you are, you can use urine to clean out a child’s ear infection. It may seem like a disgusting thing to do, but putting a few drops of your urine into your child’s ear will immediately ease the pain and kill the infection.
A hot compress is another good option for at home or on the go. Have the child hold the hot compress to their ear with a towel or washcloth wrapped around it. You will also want them to lie on the side that is infected. This will force the build-up to come out of the ear while helping with the pain.
You probably have a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in your home and you can use this as a method of treating an ear infection. All you need is a couple drops into the infected ear and let it drop down in. The hydrogen peroxide will kill the infection.
Lemon juice can have a similar effect to hydrogen peroxide if you have that in your home and want to use something more natural. Lemon juice is an acidic which will neutralize the base chemical properties of the bacteria, stopping the infection.
Garlic and onions combined with olive oil can create an all natural solution to an ear infection. You’ll need to simmer those ingredients together with a small amount of water. When it cools, use an eyedropper to put a few drops into the infected ear. Let it soak, and within 24 hours the infection will be gone.
Vinegar is found in most homes, and if you have it too you can use that to create an ear infection fighting solution. A combination of 50 percent vinegar and 50 percent water will make a powerful cleaning solution that is safe for anyone’s ear.
Although it is a strange use for a liquor, vodka can also cure an ear infection, and not by drinking it. Dab a small amount of vodka onto a cotton ball and press it against the infected ear. Make sure some of the vodka drips into the ear. The strong alcohol content will remove the infection without causing harm like a pure alcohol would.
You can choose any of these home remedies and see which one works best for your children. Once you find one you like, you can continue to use that home remedy for an ear infection each time they get one.

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