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The Rise of Mail Order Internet Pharmacies

With the advancement of technology and the Internet, it is no surprise that almost everything is done on the World Wide Web from banking, bookings and reservations, communications, media, and shopping everything is processed at the click of a mouse button. All you need is a fast computer, a stable Internet connection, a credit or debit card, and you’re all set to complete transactions over the net. And now, the latest addition to the services offered through cyberspace mail order Internet pharmacies. But just how safe is it to purchase drugs through online drugstores?

Using mail order Internet pharmacies has its positive points. Here are some of the advantages of ordering medicines online:


Compared to the conventional way of buying medications, online drugstores are more convenient to use. You no longer have to leave the house the be able to buy the drugs you need. This proves beneficial to people who need to fill prescription medications, but are unable to physically go to the drugstore to buy their needed medicine.

lCompetitive prices.

As compared to the prices of medications sold in land-based pharmacies, online drugstores sell drugs at a relevantly cheaper cost, sometimes with discounts on bulk orders. This offers a cheaper alternative to patients who can’t afford to buy the medicine at its original cost.

lOvernight delivery.

Most online pharmacies come with a free, overnight delivery system that assures their customers of a speedy delivery straight to their doorsteps. This cuts down traveling costs to go to the drugstore and back.

The Internet pharmacy phenomenon also comes with disadvantages, specifically because all transactions are made in cyberspace. Here are some of the risks you’re exposing yourself to when using online pharmacies:

lIdentity theft.

Because your personal information passes through the Internet, malicious characters like hackers or fake Internet pharmacies may be able to retrieve your data without approval and assume your identity.

lCredit card fraud.

Online purchases require no more than your credit card number and the expiry date of the credit card. Hackers and illegitimate online drugstores can use the financial information you entered when paying for your order to make multiple or large purchases of their own without your permission and authorization.

lCounterfeit products.

There is a possibility that a scam Internet pharmacy will send you a “copy-cat” or a fake product which may not meet your medication needs. You may also receive products that have a higher or lower dose than what you have ordered. There is also a chance of getting expired medicine by ordering from illegal Internet drugstores. You may also get products with hidden ingredients that may trigger an unfavorable drug interaction or a severe allergic reaction.

But you can do something to make this newly emerging industry safer for consumers like yourself. If you’ve chanced upon a suspicious mail order Internet pharmacy, inform the local authorities. Help them get rid of fake online drugstores to protect you from the risks of purchasing medicines over the Internet by reporting such anomalous organizations.

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