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Eczema Home Remedies

You have eczema and so far nothing your doctor has prescribed for you has worked well enough to make it go away completely so you are researching eczema home remedies to find something that will. Eczema is diagnosed by the symptoms you experience like a rough patch on your skin that is red, flaky, and itches constantly.

Home remedies have been used for centuries and some may work better than anything a doctor could prescribe. You just have to find out what ingredients to use and in what proportions these ingredients need to be mixed together. Home remedies have been used for everything from allergies to skin conditions like eczema and most anything else you can think of. Using home remedies used to be the way people treated different ailments before antibiotics came along.

There are several eczema home remedies you can try to relieve your symptoms. After showering always use a good moisturizer to keep your skin soft and smooth. Concentrate especially on the affected areas to keep the flaking to a minimum.

Another home remedy you can try is to make a paste out of some nutmeg and warm water. Place the paste on the area and let it dry. Nutmeg will get rid of some of the redness and itchiness.

Turmeric is a great spice to use on your eczema. It has some anti-inflammatory properties that will help with the red, raised ares that are common with eczema. Turmeric does come in pill form to make taking it a lot easier. Check at your local health food store. If nothing else you could make a paste from the ground turmeric you have in your spice rack and apply it to the rash.

Camphor mixed with sandalwood paste is also used to treat eczema. One teaspoon camphor mixed with one teaspoon sandalwood paste should soothe the areas affected with eczema. Be aware though that camphor has a distinct odor and you will carry the smell around where ever you go. You may want to use this home remedy only when you are at home and will be there for some time before leaving the house again.

Vitamin E is an old standby for treating all kinds of things and eczema is no exception. Vitamin E oil will help keep the area moist and free of itching. Vitamin E helps skin heal with little or no scarring make sure to rub the vitamin E oil into the affected areas very well to decrease flaking, too.

Zinc also helps skin heal well. You can apply it directly to the areas or take it as an oral supplement. Go to your local health food store and ask what type of zinc they recommend. Some may have a stronger concentration than others. Try them all to see what type is best for you.

Choose cotton clothing over things made with synthetic fibers. Cotton feels softer and breathes better than the synthetics. It just feels better on your skin than a lot of other fabrics. also, keep clothes loose fitting and comfortable. Tight fitting clothes may actually exacerbate the situation.

If your eczema is out of control and your doctor has run out of ideas try some of these eczema home remedies to relieve your symptoms.

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