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Hair Removal, Depilacion Laser

The Laser Hair Removal, was a great invention, giving an easy way to permanent remove the unwanted hair, but after some years of using it there are a lot of known problems of using it.

Is a safe procedure if a qualified personal make the treatment… but lately a lot of clinics and hair removal business are buying just the machines without understand and well use of them, because they think first as a business before as a service…

Many of these business get very low profile personnel, making this very dangerous for the clients, a lot of clients have been burned and skin damaged and in some cases without return to their normal state.

A new technology has emerged to prevent this kind of bad procedures and burns in the skin, its called ELOS (IPL+RF) Intense Pulse Light and Radiofrequency, with this technique now, the light is not so high and dangerous, is using a Xenon lamp, with the radiofrequency that makes that the hair follicle receives better the light and then burn just it, not the skin or any other part of the body, its safer and it can work in any color of skin and hair including white hair.

Some business are now emerging with this new technology, and getting great results, so if you are considering doing a hair removal, forget laser and use IPL.

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La depilacion laser, ah sido una gran invencion, ayudando

a muchas personas a realizarse una depilacin permanente olvidandose de los molestos problemas que causa el rasurarse continuamente.

Es un procedimiento seguro cuando es aplicado por personal capacitado y que conoce el procedimiento, ltimamente han habido muchos casos donde los clientes son quemados o daan su piel, e incluso en algunos casos sin reversion a el problema generado.

Muchos de estos negocios han adquirido sus maquinas sin saberlas utilizar por completo, y contratan a personal no calificado y de bajo nivel para operarlas, creando asi grandes riesgos para la salud, y la generacion de inminentes quemaduras.

Existe una nueva tecnologa que ayuda a evitar las quemaduras y daos en la piel, ya que su luz es a base de luz xenon, que es mas benigna con la piel, el tratamiento es llamado ELOS (IPL+RF), Luz Pulsada Intensa y Radiofrecuencia combinadas en un mismo pulso para eliminar el vello de cualquier tipo de piel, y color de pelo inclusive las canas, con mucho menos dolor que la depilacion laser.

Este procedimiento se aplica en algunas clinicas de depilacion, y en centros de estetica, busque el mas cercano y olvidese de la depilacion laser, que solo causa molestias.

La depilacion laser es obsoleta ahora utilice la luz pulsada y disfrute de su nueva piel!

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