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The final thing to happen!

Having been utterly unhappy for over six months, John was finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning. His wife hardly spoke to him any more and there was absolutely no physical contact at all.

It had all started when he was dismissed, they were suffering needed more money to pay their employees and he was the first of many to go. He had go-getting person with heaps of imagination and flair but this unexpected loss had knocked him for six and after a month of looking for a job without success, he had beaten by depression and low confidence. His mate in contrast had reached a high post in her company and was earning more money he earned in his previous job. He did not need to rush out and get another job she had advised him to wait for the right thing to come along but he felt ineffective and unnecessary.

As a result he had lost his previous attraction and was mouldering away at home, eating sweets and feeling desperate.

The final thing to happen had been his failure to maintain an erection. As far as he was troubled, he was at rock bottom; destabilized and miserable. His partner didn’t love or like him and he couldn’t be bothered to try and work it out.

At least his view of the situation in reality she was very nervous and concerned about his sexual health, but whatever she tried to help him seemed to turn out wrong, he would feel shamed if she tried to encourage him to make love to her and if she mention work, well, he made her life hell.

What could she do to rediscover the man she had loved so much and still loved very much, however not easy he made it? She set about solving his assurance problem. She knew that if he could get a erection, he would gradually be able to recover his work abilities and get back on his feet so she searched the Internet and found out about generic Viagra, this led to another site about generic Cialis and she discovered a hope to recuperate her man. But if she told him about the fantastic qualities of generic Viagra and how it could help him to maintain an erection long enough for sexual activity then he would feel that he hadn’t supported himself.

She left a newspaper on the coffee table that had a tiny piece of writing in it explaining in how fantastic generic Viagra was in aiding men with low self esteem to regain their manhood. She had no idea if he had got the information, read it. Then she made sure that he saw a documentary by double bluffing him and pretending to switch it off. She heard the TV go back on and chuckled to herself.

Some days passed and she was planning to try another way to make him discover the marvellous pill when she discovered that he was wearing better clothes and seemed to be looking for work again.

“I wonder…” she thought. But she didn’t have to expect a response for long. That evening she arrived back from work to find the bedroom perfumed and candles lit in the living room.

“I got your message” he grinned. “Not very delicate, but I knew you were doing it for me and it made me realise how much you want me and what a fool I was being. Not only that I realised how much I need you… so I bought us a present.” He showered her the blue lozenge and said, “now, we just have time to eat this meal and then……”

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