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Is it better safe than sorry?

Our society is beginning to accept non-traditional methods for different needs, since being liberated is naturally acceptable nowadays. Women today are a lot more independent and smart about their decisions in life. It is essential for them to think about their work, family, and particularly their health. A woman’s health is mainly important, since they give birth and would have to manage with nurturing a baby in nine whole months.

Although women would want to give birth at some point in their lives, it is wise to achieve a certain state of preparation for both their mind and body. Most women are now more informed about several methods to prevent unwanted pregnancy, especially for teenagers, and those women that adheres to family planning.

Since 1960, acceptance for the use of oral contraceptives or birth control pills have gradually increased. At present, there are more than forty different birth control pills to choose from, depending on the woman’s health preference or need. These oral contraceptives are medications that women take in order to prevent pregnancy. These medications include a combination of estrogen and/or progestin that restricts the release of hormones which has a key role in developing the egg and for the preparation for embryo implantation.

The three most common kinds of birth control pills are Progestin-only pills (POP), combination pills which include monophasic pills, multiphasic, and continuous use pills), and the emergency contraceptive pills, or ECP. All these three have different purposes in achieving birth control. The progestin-only pills do not have estrogen. Also called the “mini pill” — this certain birth control pill is ideal for breastfeeding women or those who cannot take estrogen. Effectiveness would result by taking it everyday for a certain time. Combination pills, however, have combined both estrogen and progestin all in one pill. The third kind would be the emergency contraceptive pills, or ECP. This is specially designed for use right after unprotected sex for preventing possible pregnancy. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently approved one emergency contraceptive pill named Plan B, a drug that women over eighteen can buy even without a prescription. Following a two dose regimen, the Plan B pill would be effective 120 hours after unprotected sex.

The number one use for this kind of medication is for the prevention of unwanted pregnancy. In using certain birth control pills specified above, this can also improve a woman’s menstrual cycle, also increasing the woman’s health by regulating the menstrual cycle patterns. The pill is also reportedly useful in reducing the risks of uterine and ovarian cancer. This medication also helps in improving bone density for women, as well as prevention from ovarian cysts.

Unfortunately, the use of these birth control pills have more health risks, including different side effects for different pills, than getting benefits. Health hazards such as heart attacks, migraines, strokes, worsening of diabetes, and the increase in the possibility of gallbladder disease, among many others. Side effects are also a concern for the woman’s health, since the use of these pills can increase chances of more discomfort. A talk with your physician is recommended for further information regarding the use of these medications.

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