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South Beach Diet Plan

South Beach Diet Plan was first prepared by Dr. Arthur Agatston, a great cardiologist, to resolve the ongoing problems of his cardiac patients and to help them lose their weights. South Beach Diet Plan has three phases, the first two phases are for a specific time and the third phase is to be continued for lifetime. With South Beach Diet Plan, you can forget about your calorie counting and can enjoy good and tasty food. You will be eating three meals and at the same time can munch at the yummy, nutritious South Beach Cookies and snacks. Dieting with South Beach Diet Products will give you surprising results in short span of time. Your thighs, hips and stomach will be slimmer. South Beach Diet Plan you will also give you the opportunity to eat mouth-watering dishes from South Beach Recipes like Shrimps Louis, Chicken Papillote and Chocolate Sponge Cake.


In the first phase of South Beach Diet Plan, you will dine with turkey, shellfish, beef and chicken. Vegetables, cheese, garden salads and nuts are also included in this diet, and your salad will be dressed with tastier with olive oil. Only carbohydrate rich products like rice, pasta, potatoes are restricted in first phase. First phase lasts for two weeks.


The second phase includes all carbohydrates rich products like rice, baked goods, fruit potatoes, cookies, cake, ice cream, candy that were restricted in first phase. During this second phase you can even add South Beach Diet Cookies, which are specially prepared for dieters. In this phase all fat rich products are restricted which were included in first phase.


Third phase starts when you have already reached to your dream weight. This phase is most easy and restriction free, it lasts for whole life. It helps you to maintain your new body weight. With South Beach Diet Products you will not only lose weight as well as you will improve your cardiovascular system to coup mainly with atherosclerosis.

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