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Try These Home Remedies for an Earache

If you’ve ever had one, then you know just how painful earaches can be. Sadly, this condition seems to affect children even more than it does adults. There is nothing worse as a parent than to see your child in pain, and not being able to do anything about it. If you find your child (or anybody) is experiencing ear pain, then you may wish to try a home remedy for an earache. But before you do, you should do your best to see your doctor, just to make sure.

There are several reasons why an earache may occur. Having a cold, overexposure to loud noises or more severe ear problems are a few such examples. Generally speaking, however, any home remedy for ear pain will focus more on relieving pain than on the treatment of the underlying problem.

Again, if the earache is rather severs and keeps coming back, then you should make an appointment to see your doctor as soon as you can. But if all you need is a fast fix to handle an occasional earache, or need a way to ease the pain until you see your doctor, then any of the following methods should be able to do the trick.

Many home remedies for ear pain are available to you that will come in handy at a moment’s notice. That’s because you, more than likely, will have the necessary ingredients on hand. Others may require a quick visit to the store.

One of these remedies uses nothing more than a combination of a few cloves of chopped garlic and a teaspoon of sesame oil. Heat them until the garlic is cooked down a bit, then let it cool for a while (you don’t want it to hurt) and strain out any chunks of garlic. Lie down so your troublesome ear is facing up. Place four or five drops of the mixture into the ear and gently rinse out after ten minutes. This normally works quite well for relieving ear pain.

Another potential remedy combines ghee (clarified butter, commonly available at Middle Eastern or Indian ethnic markets) and licorice. Warm both ingredients together until they become the consistency of paste. Apply the mix around your ear (not the ear canal) and it will feel much better in a short amount of time.

An additional way some people turn to find relief from their earaches is by chopping up some radish into small pieces and heating it up with mustard oil. Strain and our the resulting oil into a separate bottle. Any time someone gets an earache. place a few drops of the mixture into the painful ear for fast relief.

Okay, this next one may seem a bit odd or distasteful to some, but some people swear by it. One of the more outlandish home remedies for an earache actually involves using human breast milk. What you do is mix some human breast milk with a well ground bottle gourd (until pasty). Warm the mixture slightly before it is applied to the ear. This is probably a better option for new mothers whose children have an earache.

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