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“Breaking Point: The Factors Behind Insanity”

What can drive someone to insanity? Certainly, insanity is something that is commonly understood (or misunderstood) and usually carries some sort of stigma in the popular consciousness. If you believe in modern psychology and psychiatry, there are literally thousands of forms of insanity that a person can end up developing …

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Double-Edged Depression

In the modern world, depression can become a major problem for people who have low tolerance for stress and anxiety. Psychological and emotional disorders have the potential to effectively cripple a person socially and professionally, a situation that has drastic after-effects to the mental and physical make-up of even the …

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SMRs: So Muscles can Relax

One day, Carol, a 32 year-old preschool teacher suddenly felt a strange tightness at the right side of her body while walking on the way to school. Previously, she had to endure terrible head aches while doing her lesson plan. She wondered is these two painful incidents were somehow connected …

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Review of 3 Steps to Conquering ADD ADHD

3 Steps to Conquering ADD ADHD is a book written by Jon Bennett who claims that he wrote it after a negative experience involving his brother who was diagnosed with the disorder. There is quite a bit of controversy surrounding the use of stimulants (such as Ritalin, Adderall, and Dexedrine), …

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Diabetes mellitus is a nutritional disorders, characterized by an abnormally elevated level of blood glucose and by the excretion of the excess glucose in the urine. It results from an absolute or relative lack of insulin which leads to abnormalities in carbohydrate metabolism as well as in the metabolism of …

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