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Green Tea

AriZona Diet Green Tea

Although widely known for its various health benefits, a lot of people still balk at the idea of adding green tea into their diets. Some reason that they enjoy their coffee with breakfast and are not willing to ditch the caffeine brew for the green stuff. Still others say that …

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Information on Green Tea Diet

For centuries now, the benefits of green tea diets have been the subject of countless writings and scientific investigations. More than four thousand years ago, green tea diet has become a staple beverage for most Asians because of its countless health and medicinal benefits. It is said that the Chinese …

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Miracle Cup: The Health Benefits of Green Tea

How do you fit a miracle in a cup? For 4,000 years, the Chinese people have been using green tea as treatment for everything from headaches to depression. Today, studies are conducted in Asia and the west in order to produce hard evidence of the health benefits of green tea. …

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Green Tea Weight Loss Capsule

It should be noted though that there is no such thing as a miraculous weight loss capsule that can shed your fats in a snap. But herbs such as green tea in weight loss capsules have been known to promote weight loss in a variety of ways. How Weight Loss …

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Green Tea Diet Supplement

Green tea diet supplements are all the latest rage in the weight loss industry today. With its countless health and weight loss benefits, green tea diet supplements are fast replacing ephedra as the leading weight loss product in the market. So what makes green tea diet supplement different? For one, …

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Chinese Diet Green Tea

There are only a few herbs that can surpass the impressive history of Chinese diet green tea. Dating back more than 4,000 years, Chinese diet green tea has been long revered as a tasty drink that can ward off diseases and improve one’s well-being. Since its first recorded use during …

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