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Self Defense

Women’s Self Defense Course – Is A Must

Most women are accustomed to being out in the world feeling quite a bit unprotected. Because women are typically at a disadvantage when it comes to strength and size as compared to men, it makes a woman much more vulnerable to attack. Over the years, women’s self defense course options …

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Martial Arts Philosophy and Proper Training

Martial arts are systems of offensive and defensive combat movements which includes proper punching, kicking, blocking, and other combative skills. Many people often associate martial arts to violence and brutality. Even though this form of art was developed for self defense, this craft is just about throwing punches or performing …

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Martial Arts Training and Nutrition

Bruce Lee did more than blaze the movie screens with powerful, lightning quick punches and kicks. He launched a martial arts revolution and encouraged martial artists to break the ties that bound them as practitioners. Lee freed himself and other martial artists from the ties that limited the skills traditional …

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Self Defense Store – Protect Yourself

Feeling safe and secure in the world is very important for both men and women. There are many ways that you can make yourself feel safe from taking karate classes to carrying a firearm. However, some people simply want to have specific, nonlethal things that they can carry with them …

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Women’s Self-Defense Against Men

When looking at the increasing numbers of reports about violence against women, it is clear that women’s self-defense against men is becoming an important issue in today’s society. There are many products and techniques designed for women’s self-defense against men, from mace guns to judo and assertiveness training. Unfortunately, these …

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