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Home Equity Loan Pitfalls

The home equity loan came of age in 1996 when changes in the tax law eliminated deductions for the interest on most consumer purchases. Interest paid on home equity loans, however, remained exempt, up to $100,000 for taxpayers filing jointly. The two main types of home equity loans are fixed-rate …

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National Payday Loan

Payday lending or making payday loans is now a booming industry, and with life getting tougher for many people each and every day, it’s only ever going to keep expanding. At the same time, it’s an often unregulated business, with 17 states of the USA in effect banning payday lending …

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Home Equity Loan – Fixed Rate or Lump Sum Loan

Home equity loan is one type of loan where the homeowner uses whatever equity he has been able to build up in his home as collateral for a loan. Obviously, therefore, this type of loan is secured. However, it is not secured by the home per se but by the …

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Need an Unsecured Tenant Loans without Collateral?

Being called a tenant may affect you very much when you are performing the role of a borrower looking for a loan. Lenders of standard loans generally hesitate to offer their money to a tenant. This is due to the reason that there no security for the loan amount. But …

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