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Mutual Funds

Need Some Mutual Fund Info?

Mutual fund info is one of the most sought after things on the market when it comes to investing. People are considering this fun option for many reasons. First, what is a mutual fund? It is a way of allowing many investors to pool their money together and to allow …

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Properly Funding Your Trading Account

Although many will suggest that you can trade with the minimum margin requirement we do not necessarily recommend it. Let’s say that you are about to start trading an S&P 500 futures daytrading system. Let’s say that the exchange minimum margin requirement is $25,000 and the system drawdown is $25,000. …

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Investors Are Finding Opportunities Beyond Their U.S. Borders

Experts say global and international mutual funds can represent a world of opportunity for investors. Foreign-based companies now comprise fully half of the world’s equity market capitalization, up from about one-third in 1970, and many key industries such as oil and gas, wireless telecommunications and building construction are dominated by …

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What are mutual funds loads?

Copyright 2006 Michael Saville Loads are the most talked about fees that mutual funds charge. A “load” on a mutual fund is just another way of saying that the fund charges a sales commission for purchase, sale, or both. There are funds that charge loads and there are funds that …

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Mutual funds: protect yourself with segregated funds

Segregated funds were initially developed by the insurance industry to compete against mutual funds. Today, many mutual fund companies are in partnership with insurance companies to offer segregated funds to investors. Segregated funds offer some unique benefits not available to mutual fund investors. Segregated funds offer the following major benefits …

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Child Trust Funds Take a Long Term View

Andrew Hagger Head of News and Press at Moneyfacts.co.uk looks at the performance of Child Trust Funds, one year on. April 6 2006 marked the first birthday for the Child Trust Fund (CTF), and there are undoubtedly some mums and dads out there who are feeling pretty smug with the …

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