I’ve shared this recipe so many times… | shaking beef – Bo Luc Lac recipes

I’ve shared this recipe so many times… | shaking beef – Bo Luc Lac #buildempire

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2 lbs beef, cubed. I used ribeye
A lot of minced garlic (like 10 cloves)
3 TBSP oyster sauce
2.5 TBSP low sodium soy sauce
1/2 tsp fish sauce
3 TBSP oil of choice- I used vegetable
2.5 TBSP sugar
1 tsp black pepper

2 TBSP butter
3 bell peppers, any color

1. Combine all of your ingredients listed under marinade and marinate at least 10 mins at room temp (or over night but in the fridge)

2. Then on a skillet with some heat, cook/ sear your beef. About 1 minute each side (2 mins total). I cooked mine in 2 batches

3. In the same skillet after everything is seared, sauté onions for 2 minutes.

4. Then add bell peppers and cook for another 2 minutes

5. Then add your beef back in along with 2 TBSP salted butter. Cook until butter is half way melted. Then turn off heat & continue mixing untold butter is all the way melted

6. Serve with rice, fried egg, and salt, pepper lime dip

7. Bonappetitties

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  1. Check description for recipe details

  2. I keep trying to find oyster sauce because in my culture we also cook with it and I can’t find it anywhere!!!!!!!!!! Help

  3. You’re supposed to deglaze the pan before you add the onions… You’re also supposed to be a grown woman, and speaking the way you do is insanely cringe at your ripe age 💀

  4. does it comes out tough? it looks tough

  5. Heather Shaffer

    Lmao looks good af!!! But you really need to trademark “yo! My babies crying!!” Hilarious

  6. Yummeeeee

  7. Why do Asians put sugar in their food? I still find it weird

  8. Kinisha Gulati

    I don’t cook, just curious: Why does one need to add sugar to meat marinations?

  9. Sugar 👨🏻‍🦯

  10. How could you not deglaze that pan?🤡

  11. Oyster sauce really is so damn stubborn lol

  12. Sarah Vans Mootoo

    The calmness with soy sauce after the oyster sauce struggle haha

  13. You’re 👹️THE BEST👹️

  14. Yo my baby is crying 🤣

  15. Good cooking, good person, good family 😎🆒

  16. The oyster sauce was legit

  17. You cornered the market on both shaking beef and deranged eye contact smile! Love it!

  18. Now I’m ready for the 👹 eye contact
    So every time you’re about to do it I do it back 👹

  19. Where’s the “I made this so I’m gonna try it” 😩

  20. Nice 😅

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