Jamie Oliver Dishes Up Easy & Affordable One-Pot Recipes | The View recipes

Jamie Oliver Dishes Up Easy & Affordable One-Pot Recipes | The View #buildempire

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The chef joins “The View” to share his intentions for the new year and preview easy meals featured in his new book, “One: Simple One-Pan Wonders.”

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  1. Jacqueline Murerwa

    I love the view

  2. justin castillo

    No one told Whoopi that you stop saying #HappyNewYear on #january6th

  3. Alfredo Durán

    I’ve always loved how certain words are pronounced in both British and American English and Jamie Oliver talked about the tomato and how he pronounced it in the pure British style on an American show, I thought it was great and that’s what I really like about English, which is a very beautiful language. IMHO!

  4. starless mystery

    I love fennel pollen. You can buy it on Amazon but you can also grow fennel in your garden until it flowers and shake the fresh pollen out of the flowers right into your hands. I am really into culinary pollens.

  5. I’m waiting for the uncle roger comments.

  6. We embrace natural hair here…what???? Look to your right Alyssa

  7. MACA..Make America Cook Again! 🧑‍🍳🍲

  8. This was cute!!! I’m making stuffed shells at the moment and pappardelle pasta!!!

  9. Kyle Rittenhouse lawsuit is moving forward. the view is number 1 on the list.
    $250 million with no bargaining. He is demanding the court proceedings be broadcast.
    NOW this will be good to watch.

  10. It’s unfortunate that most public school lunches are bland, not nutritional or tasty, but it is still better than nothing. 😢

  11. Looks like whoopi ate the whole pot.

  12. I love this set up to include all hosts. It’s very relatable though they focused on his cooking and endeavors, most difficult conversations are had at the table during the holidays. Great example❤❤

  13. I’m glad Whoopi was helping with cooking, not eating on camera, LOL. He has a wonderful air of positivity.

  14. Rainbeaux Unicorn

    😂 I love Whoopi!

  15. I love what Sara is doing with her high heels. Sexy.

  16. Ha ha! Does the whoop thinks she’s cooking? Stirring and stirring our brew ..

  17. I have cooked so many of his dishes from watching him on PBS. His food is delicious.

  18. We’ve something called Mid day meal program (now covers breakfast too) in Tamilnadu, India. Jamie Oliver is correct when says return on investment as taxpayers to society. There’s a compelling study and case study to prove it.

  19. 6:20 Splash of water, cook for 4 Minutes.

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