Jammie Dodger Cupcakes | Easy Recipe Raspberry Vanilla Cupcake Recipe :) recipes

Jammie Dodger Cupcakes | Easy Recipe Raspberry Vanilla Cupcake Recipe 🙂 #buildempire

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Hello folks!

Today I whipped up a batch of these wee Jammie Dodger cupcakes 🙂 not only are they super cute, they’re also delicious!

Everything I used will also be listed below,

-Cheryl x

What I used – Makes 12 cupcakes (depending on the size of your cases)

130g (4.5 oz) Self raising flour
130g (4.5 oz) Caster sugar
130g (4.5 oz) Unsalted soft butter
1/2 Teaspoon bicarbonate of soda or baking soda
2 Large free range eggs
1.5 Tablespoons whole milk

400g (14 oz) Raspberry or strawberry jam
100g (3.5 oz) Raspberry or strawberry dessert sauce

300ml (10.5 oz) Double or heavy cream
2 Tablespoons icing or confectioners sugar

Mini Jammie Dodgers or similar style biscuits



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  1. Cream topping looks like gardenia flowers! So pretty. (I love flower flavoured sweets like rose macarons and candied violets and lilacs…)❤

  2. Sending thanks from Florida USA. Hope you have a wonderful day. ❤️

  3. Oh yea. !!!!! But ‘cupcakes’! What is their ‘real’ name?

  4. Susan Pappalardo

    Looks yummy!! Shared it on Facebook!

  5. Sherry Armstrong

    Those look gorgeous! And quite yummy! Thank you!

  6. These look amazing 😋

  7. You evil genius! 😍

  8. Kenneth O'Blenes Jr

    I love Linzer Tart Cookies. 👍🎅🏻

  9. Deborah Russell

    Thanks Cheryl for the great recipe,

  10. Southerncooker

    These need to be in a bakery window! Yum!

  11. Oh yeah! 2 of them with a lovely cuppa ❤❤😋 thanks Cheryl x

  12. Elaine Bullement

    Thank you

  13. Erin McGrath ejm

    Having a lazy morning, as we had one of our fairly rare snowfalls last night. I love raspberries, so this looks especially yummy. I wonder, though, if adding vanilla to the batter would make much difference. Or, maybe even almond flavoring! It wouldn’t taste as much like a Jammy Dodger, but I bet it would be divine!

  14. Calum Anderson

    I think I’ll have four of them Chef please. 👩🏻‍🍳 🤩😋👍

  15. Catherine White

    Those look adorable and oh so tasty!

  16. yes please i could manage 4 of those while sat in the box on nights

  17. Thanks Cheryl, you’re recipes are always just what we need 😋

  18. I used to be able to get a cookie similar to Jammy Dodgers from Sam’s Club here in the States that had a cream filling with a Jam center. I loved them but they stopped making them years ago. these look so good, I may have to order the Jammy Dodgers and make them for my husband and I.

  19. Louise Mccafferty

    These cakes look so yummy

  20. Wendy Cavanagh

    Cheryl they look great.Wish I could put my hand through the TV get one 😀👍🧡

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