John Legend’s EYE OPENING Speech On How To Manifest ABUNDANCE & HAPPINESS | Jay Shetty how to

John Legend’s EYE OPENING Speech On How To Manifest ABUNDANCE & HAPPINESS | Jay Shetty #buildempire


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Today, I talk to the one and only John Legend.

John openly shares his amazing journey as a songwriter, singer, and family man. We start the conversation with his childhood – from growing up in a Christina home, being homeschooled to transitioning into a public school and the challenges that come with it. Next, we dive deep into how community support plays a huge role in molding children outside of the home, the value of knowing what you want in life and finding the means to attain it and sticking to it, and the relentless pursuit of a career and build a family where love, care, and a safe space is prioritized.

The hurdles may have been tough and the path may be unclear at some point, but John’s story is telling us to believe in what we can do and remain passionate about the things we love to do.

What We Discuss:
00:00:00 Intro
00:03:07 Homeschooled
00:07:23 Transitioning into a public school
00:11:13 The strength of community support
00:14:21 Healing, recovery, and forgiveness
00:17:47 Creating stability at home
00:21:36 Focus on what’s important to you
00:29:06 Surrounding yourself with people you’re comfortable with
00:31:13 The truth about ego
00:35:19 Your partner gives the most honest feedback
00:39:20 Becoming a better partner
00:43:56 We never completely forget our trauma
00:47:52 Pursuing a career and building a family
00:51:29 Advocacy for better living opportunities for the society
00:54:35 What keeps you going?
00:56:27 Who do you want to collaborate with?
00:57:51 Inspiration don’t come everyday
01:01:08 John on Fast Five
01:04:47 John’s The Many Sides of Us

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  1. Getting boring while listening more time so please put background music and middle of the talks based on animation sounds

  2. Katarina Hendrickson

    It is so reassuring to see shared masculine energy take such a deep, vulnerable approach to our individual and shared social emotional awareness. One of the best episodes yet!

  3. Powerful episode as usual!! 😍 oh btw am I the only one who noticed that Jay has gone through a wardrobe makeover recently?? 😉

  4. Is it just me or he seems high? great conversation though!

  5. XHale FadeLife

    Why can’t I seem to attain the proper attention or channels to make my music a thing in our world as of yet??

  6. Nathnael Solomon

    Fascinating conversation with John Legend.

  7. Juany Fuentes

    “Let yout broken heart learn to live in pieces” such beautiful and powerful words.

  8. Grace Jasinth Priyadarsini

    I love my mom she too was a teacher. As a child going to her school viewing how she’s taking class awesome days in my life.

  9. Helia lamster

    could you please shine a light on #MahsaAmini ?

  10. Grace Jasinth Priyadarsini

    In my childhood days the most memorable in my school is sports day,parents day,conducting elections,my teacher with a big piano especially teaching us Christmas songs and playing the songs of Christmas showing us the birth of Jesus Christ with three kings awesome which could never be forgotten in my life.

  11. Grace Jasinth Priyadarsini

    My best professor Jay genius l love all his programs,videos,podcast awesome speaker l always ever admire.

  12. That evil wife though..

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