Judging the Best FALL/AUTUMN Recipes recipes

Judging the Best FALL/AUTUMN Recipes #buildempire

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My love on top, baby
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It’s always a great feeling when you find out you can’t do something you thought you could. Hehe. You rock! ¡Nos vemos la próxima vezzzz!
Pumpkin Focaccia:

Butternut Squash and Cheese Stuffed Pasta Shells:

Butternut Squash and Cheese Stuffed Pasta Shells.

Cinnamon Apple Cake:

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  1. i really love your videos :)) your voice is so calm and i could listen to it easily! thanks for your great content

  2. The cake looked so amazing

  3. necrophiliad0ll

    You are so pretty tf 🙂

  4. Hey Vinsaint, your culinary skills are fabulous.
    Big fan, keep em coming dear

  5. Cathrine Armstrong


  6. Turns out I hate pumpkin, apple and cinamon-y flavors 😂

  7. Make up tutorial when??

  8. Shauna Corrigan

    You guys don’t have canned pumpkin there?! That’s such a bummer, I don’t know what I would do if I had to make my own pumpkin puree every time I wanted pumpkin bars! Or cake. Or muffins. Or pie…😅 Also, when I make stuffed shells or cannelloni, I put the filling in a plastic bag so I can just pipe it into the pasta. Way easier than using a spoon!

  9. I lost it at *apologizing for the sun* 😭
    ✨oMg i’M sO sOrRY ✨✋

  10. Anna Licciardi

    yeah make up vincent!!!

  11. 6:55 i love how Naomi looks at you like “what are you saying? it’s amazing!” 😂😂

  12. Aislinn Taylor

    Eye look: stunning. Vibes: Immaculate. Recipe choices: Yummy and different. I like that you tried stuff that isn’t typical, but still incorporated fall staples.

  13. Roses are red _

    I love this type of videos

  14. “i don’t really look like fall do i?” u look a bit spooky(in a very good way)/halloween-y i would say ^^

  15. Camila Raquel Costa Souza

    wasn’t expecting Fetus 1d to make an appearance in this video haha

  16. I am going to make that cake cos that looked delicious. The focaccia wasn’t your fault you can’t add that much pumpkin purée and not affect the texture, your tin was definitely overfilled and you cld have split it between pans. Love from your pastry chef friend in NZ.

  17. flaminghotbuttnugget

    Love your personality. I can’t even cook and won’t but I watched it all. 😝

  18. counting down to halloween already

  19. can you please make a Video about your tatttoooooos?🥰

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