“Kill the Ego. Make It About the Art” – Nas on How to Cure the King’s Disease how to

“Kill the Ego. Make It About the Art” – Nas on How to Cure the King’s Disease #buildempire


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Legendary musician Nas tells Stephen what the title of his album trilogy, ‘King’s Disease,’ refers to and how it can be avoided. Catch Nas at Madison Square Garden this Friday for a one-night-only performance of the trilogy and stream his latest album, ‘King’s Disease III,’ available everywhere now.
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  1. Nas Never gets Old…

    ….street dreams r made of this….

  2. Lusekelo Simwela

    the best rapper of all time dead or alive

  3. That watch is sick

  4. How does Nas still look like he’s in his 20s. Dafuq.

  5. You can tell he doesn’t do many interviews

  6. It makes sense that Nas wants a Billy Joel collaboration. He has a trilogy of songs called “NY State of Mind.” 👍🏾👍🏾

  7. Kendrick wishes he’d be as good as him, THAT’S how great Nas is. Poets come in all forms, and Nas is one of America’s greatest poets of this generation.

  8. I want to know, do the host & guest talk beforehand how they will great each other? Like, will they have a little talk – “so, we’ll shake hands” … ?

  9. Nasir is great

  10. geeze. I’m a scooch younger than her is, but look about 20 years older. I picked the wrong kinda music, man.

  11. The legend that is Nas 💚

  12. Jojo T the Prodigal daughter

    Love Nas, True to the Art and Himself!!

  13. Smart young man right there. I can’t imagine the sharks and sea-lions he has had to deal with navigating the waters to his success.

  14. Nas smirks knowing he was on a version of an unreleased Sade’s Lovers Rock

  15. The greatest of all time NAS 🐐🐐🐐

  16. Guess his age? And before you google it, add 20 or 25 years to your guess, and that’d be it.

  17. Nas 🔥
    Game needs him more than ever

  18. jeremiah bwalya


  19. King’s Disease? Nas, it’s called gout.

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