Kind Vietnamese Shows Me How To Eat This 🇻🇳 how to

Kind Vietnamese Shows Me How To Eat This 🇻🇳 #buildempire


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I am still in Ho Chi Minh City, or as it was previously known: Saigon. Today, I have to leave my hotel and change to another one. That opens the opportunity for to to see and get to know a new and different part of Ho Chi Minh City. As I am new here, I am curios to see different parts of the town. Join me as we more to another area of Saigon and have a first walk around. Of course, we will also try more Vietnamese food in this video. I once again, stumbled upon some delicous Ho Chi Minh City street food.

Location of the restaurant: Quán Ăn Cô Liêng

#vietnam #hochiminhcity #saigon
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You won’t see many tourist places in my videos, I rather like to show the “real” sides of each country in my videos. Where do the local people go to eat? Where do they hang out? How do the locals travel through the country? Stuff like that.
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  1. 🛌 Check out Manta Sleep & save 10% with discount code “ken” ➡
    🇻🇳 Previous video from modern Ho Chi Minh city ➡

  2. bin deutsch aber wollte immer schon in mein “vaterland” danke für die tour und das du alles zeigst was du so machtst egal wo du bist. ich hoffe du magst es in vietnam ich hoffe auch mal hin zu gehen und das selbe zu erfahren 🙂 ich wünsche dir viel spaß dort und das du eine gute zeit hast, hab erst angefangen deine videos usw zu schauen aber immer wieder eine gute erfahrung 🙂

  3. Yes, Dein Frühstück wäre genau meine Kragenweite…! Best wishes🤘😎🎸

  4. perlaaguinaldo

    i always oredered van mih here in phls. cute apartment and view take care always ken.😍👍🙏🇵🇭

  5. Your video to long duration to watch
    Sorry I can’t watch until finished

  6. Happy to watch your video again, waiting for your vlog every day to see what’s the latest.
    I love most when you were with your mom, I could feel your love for her and your mom was so happy. You are a good son,👍👏
    God bless you always with all your travelings 🙏
    Take care !!

  7. Dear Mr Ken Abroad.May I know when you want to come back to visit Malaysia again?

  8. Grab driver cancelled because he probably saw how tall you are and didnt want to do the ride. I live here and am 6ft 2 and 100kg. About 30% of grab bike drivers cancel on me when they see me!

  9. You must try a Vietnamese coffee and pho noodles soup

  10. The pulp of the fruit.Hey Ken it would be good if you could hook up with Dustin&Reche for a vlog,I think a collaboration between you and Dustinbackpacks would be very cool.

  11. Johncameroon leopads

    Hi bro how are you ok have a great day🌹

  12. Ken,you should dip the rice paper roll with the greens and meat, into the bowl of sauce and then you eat.

  13. Excellent entertaining video and yes that’s rice paper. It would soften with the juices of the food maybe. Good job with the camera and eating today it seems more natural and easier. The food looks super delicious! Oh my gosh yes all the yummy cakes and pastries in Vietnam 🤤

  14. What kind of meat is that Ken. I know it was good because you always give a honest review. Your channel is always great to watch and learn.

  15. What a great start to a fresh morning by having a glass of fresh orange juice and a Bahn Mi. Interesting walk about in another neighbourhood of your 2nd hotel. An experienced traveller like you, will not face much or any problem hunting for food. Yeah, that’s a fun way to enjoy those Vietnamese rolls….agree totally that it’s a healthy meal with lots of greens and very very little oil. Wonderful of that lady to show you how/what to put in that rice paper….RICE PAPER not plastic , Ken 😂😅 Haha…you are already a true Asian, eating egg tart and drinking fruit juice by the roadside….bet there’s no such thing in Germany, right?
    As usual, thank you very much for giving us good content to entertain us. Kudos to you, Ken and blessing as always 🙏🙏

  16. Btw be careful of fish mint if you don’t like fish

  17. countrylife vlog

    Hi kuya Ken you are enjoying to travel i hope enjoy always safe

  18. Pradeep Rajkumar

    I had lot of PHO and BUNH MI In Melbourne..
    Love their SAIGON COffee.. Condensed milk mate…

  19. Thank you for giving me 40 min of entertainment and thats the success for you ones people liked your work ken.

  20. When I was in Vietnam it’s hard to walk in and just grab a hotel that I like

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