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Learn How To Grow YOUR YouTube Channel #buildempire


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Learn how to get views, subscribers and earn money from YouTube. This is a free Q&A where we talk all things about being a content creator. Open description for helpful tools for YouTubers! Connect with me everywhere – http://nimmin.bio

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How things work during this stream:
I do this for free (Thanks to TubeBuddy, Streamyard and the other channel sponsors). However, if someone gives a “super chat” their question moves to the front of the queue. Thanks for understanding.

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0:00 – Learn How To Grow YOUR YouTube Channel
5:06 – Can Poor Shorts Performance Hinder Channel Overall?
8:43 – Optimal Time to Post Shorts?
17:37 – Audience Online on Weekends
19:25 – Burn Out Transition to Something Fresh
21:46 – Multi-genre Gaming on the One Channel?
27:41 – Repetitive Content/Duplicate Content
28:26 – Getting A Winner’s Details Securely
30:20 – Posting a Short After a Long for Promotion?
32:28 – Same Video on Two Different Channels?
33:09 – Playlist Strategy
38:03 – Shorts v Reels – Performance
40:15 – Animation Channel Growth
45:10 – End Screens on Shorts
48:38 – Rejected for YPP – Dealing With Copyright Issues
51:29 – No Direction for My Channel
58:47 – Hashtags and Viewer Profiles
1:02:47 – Start with Live or Long Form?
1:05:24 – Differentiate for Other in My Niche?
1:11:13 – OK to Loose Subscribers?
1:13:57 – Scaling Our Channel
1:22:50 – Multi-Language
1:27:05 – Content Based on Goals
1:31:11 – Being Seen in a Particular Country
1:40:51 – Broaden Niche?
1:48:35 – Keyword Research
1:50:38 – Can Random Content Succeed?
1:53:03 – Off Topic Content
1:55:14 – Profanity Symbols?
2:00:53 – Answering Questions about a Place or Topic
2:02:10 – Planning A Production Block
2:04:54 – Plateau – What To Do?
2:07:58 – Monetization Process
2:16:33 – is Lots of Tags in Tag Box Tag Stuffing?
2:17:59 – Advertising the Videos
2:29:07 – Getting Subscribers
2:36:21 – Views Low After a 2 Month Break
2:37:34 – Hashtags in Shorts Still Matter?
2:38:58 – Multiple Videos In One Day
2:43:29 – Long video/Short Clips Strategy
2:47:33 – Beats Channel Tips

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