learn how to STOMP playing ENGAGE supports 🤠 🥱 🥵 how to

learn how to STOMP playing ENGAGE supports 🤠 🥱 🥵 #buildempire


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#adc #leagueoflegends #blitzcrank

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  1. Caitlyn didnt go into bush….. She would’ve gotten twice as many headshots

  2. Cookie, time for haircut the greasy gamer look no good 😂

  3. hey btw guys if u hook at jhin and he galeforces that is worth for us!!!!!!!!!!!!! just btw guys! I know u guys didn’t know but that is actually worth for us!

  4. 20:38 That was so free if you just Flash E’d the Riven… no idea why you pussied out.

  5. Goddamn this was a fucking Blitzcrank masterclass. Really nice video.

  6. It’s not about winning botlane / roaming mid lane. It’s always that enemy fed fiora/olaf that is unstoppable and kill your fed adc in no time and you can’t do anything about it

  7. Really good video! You’re so good at the game dude holy moly

  8. cookie daddy <3 <3 <3

  9. Support is the only role i don’t play so i’ll give it a try with this info.

    Also I benefited a lot from the learning Varus vid, Learn how to aphelios next?

  10. Buff riven again

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