Lex Fridman: How to cheat in chess how to

Lex Fridman: How to cheat in chess #buildempire


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Levy Rozman, also known as GothamChess, is a professional chess player, streamer, and educator.

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  1. Full podcast episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSMpTmibeDw
    Lex Fridman podcast channel: https://www.youtube.com/lexfridman
    Guest bio: Levy Rozman, also known as GothamChess, is a professional chess player, streamer, and educator.

  2. Both these guys fake accent is worse than Hans.

  3. This guys voice is kind of creepy. Don’t have much of a personality either. Don’t seem to connect with his guests.

  4. Michael Dipalermo

    I have to say there have been much more incidents of cheating online ever since Hans Nieman has been in the news. Everyone is talking about cheating with teachers your regular player how to do it.

  5. cheeting is what we do when we play any sport, we trick the other into thinking we are moving to the other way.

  6. Matthew Viramontes

    They didn’t discuss it in the video, so this is how you cheat in chess:

    Get a chess program on your phone, an app, like Droidfish, and start a game with the computer playing the same color as you. For example, if your opponent has the Black pieces, click “Play as Black”. And since the computer is playing White, it will make the first move. Whatever move the computer makes, you play that move against your opponent. And whatever move your opponent makes, you make that move against the computer, and it will respond with it’s own move: in which again you play against your opponent. And simply keep doing this until the game is over.

  7. The engine plays for itself.

  8. patrick occhino

    Lex, the problem with cheating is that it is theft. On the highest order it is stealing the ability to trust another whom we hope is self governed by honor. ( Not morals) Stealing is the most heinous crime. And stealing one’s right to choice fairly, with educated decisions, is why this country was created with a Bill of Rights

  9. Question not answered. Clickbait is cheating!

  10. Just wait until neuralink technology becomes so advanced that chess players can no longer tell the difference between their own thoughts and strategies suggested by the cloud.

  11. Wonder why Hans refuses to talk about his moves. Really make you think.

  12. Invite Hikaru after they ban Niemann from Chess (online and otb)

  13. conscious4now

    The concept of ’Cheating’ assumes there are moral guidelines to all competition yet it is written into all systems we assume are fair.

    As long as are remain stuck in a world of the mind, which has naturalized competition we face annihilation by ‘cheating’ simply because we wish to play games with our lives.

    We have developed ever more sophisticated ways to cheat in arguments for the maintenance of these rules of competition where we insist on seeing one another as part of the ‘fair game’.

    It may yet mean our most unfair end, via lines in the sand of these games of competition now expressed by the cheating of nuclear weapons.

  14. Why are you so monotoned?

  15. Remmelt Versluis

    Any game in which computers outbeat humans, is a bad game. No game at all in fact. The chess world needs to come up with an invention to make playing chess fun again. Something randomish probably. Anything computers tend to fail at because they lack creativity.

  16. Faik Catibusic

    With all of this happening, the biggest headache is created for 1000 – 2200 players. A tone of advices on how to cheat properly and not get caught.

  17. This is the best point.

  18. Prateek Sarin

    They are putting undue pressure on hans nieman by cheat allegations seriously if fide doesn’t do it it means fide doesn’t do it

  19. Highland Outsider

    If we see Lex winning the next chess world championship with a fuzzy grin on his face we know whats going on 🧐🤣

  20. nunyabiznez6666

    Just make a magician’s Thumper small enough to implant.

    Some sort of bone conduction device.

    AR contact lenses.

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