Love & Best Dishes: DeeDee’s Cinnamon Coffee Cake Recipe recipes

Love & Best Dishes: DeeDee’s Cinnamon Coffee Cake Recipe #buildempire

#recipes #airfryer #tasty #tastyrecipes #tastychicken #thedomesticgeek #soup #vegan #food #cabbage #healthy #lemoncake #cake #sweet_recipes #dessert #sweetandsourchicken #meat

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DeeDee’s Cinnamon Coffee Cake Recipe – Learn how to make coffee cake from scratch with DeeDee’s homemade coffee cake recipe. Paula’s showing how to make a cinnamon coffee cake recipe easy!
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DeeDee’s Cinnamon Coffee Cake Recipe:
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  1. Matthew Weaver

    I thought this was a paula deen ytp

  2. Susan Matthews

    i could certainly tell you were cracking eggs that are not commercially raised. Know why? Because the shells are more substantial! Yea for homegrown!!! Yea for you in every way, Paula!

  3. Name a chicken Dee Dee.

  4. Barbara Naese

    Looks good. No salt or baking soda? Or did I miss that?

  5. Thanks Paula and Dee Dee for the wonderful cinnamon coffee cake!

  6. knowledgetracker

    I love your haircut. It looks smart.

  7. How do I send you a recipe

  8. Mary Beth Huffman

    I’m looking forward to making this, it looks delicious. I’m always so happy to see you use a spatula to scrape everything out of your bowls. On so many cooking videos I watch, they will use a spoon and leave so much stuff left in the bowl. Drives me crazy.

  9. Andrea J Swisher Bish

    I was taught that sugar is a “wet” ingredient.

  10. omg…we are making this today!!!

  11. Your hair looks beautiful, Paula! ❤

  12. This sounds amazing!!!
    I want to see your 🐓 🐔

  13. María del Pilar Saláis


  14. No baking powder ?

  15. Obman History Project

    Everone wishes that they were there for brunch

  16. cynthia harrell

    Bridget Bardot would be a cute name, too. Yes, must see the chicken coop.

  17. Linda Sue Counts zzipy12

    Yes! We need a tour of thd chicken coop! Maybe you can have a “name that chicken” contest! ❤️

  18. Oh I would love to see the chickens also 👍🙏❤️😎🐔🐓

  19. Linda LaMacchia

    I love this recipe Paula and Dee Dee!! I love your glasses too Paula, you always look so beautiful❤

  20. Eddie when you mentioned the black chicken I immediately thought of Elizabeth Taylor a second before you mentioned it!

    I watched your video prior to this one on your grandmother’s Langley chocolate cake. I love when you cook and the cake and icing looked divine. Thank you for being you.

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