Mercury in Capricorn: How to Plant Seeds for a Healthy Future how to

Mercury in Capricorn: How to Plant Seeds for a Healthy Future #buildempire


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On Today’s Episode You’ll learn…
🌑 How Eris square Pluto invites you to find “what you cannot not do,” and what that has to do with Mars retrograde.
🌒 How Mercury in Capricorn will support you in planting seeds for your future.
🌓 What Jupiter’s movement through the last degrees of Pisces means for the fruition of your goals.

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Chapters 📺

0:00 Intro
2:20 Theme of the Week
5:12 Eros & Inner Knowing
10:41 Day by Day & into the Future
41:08 Outro

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  1. I love what you are doing for us Amanda🙏 I learn so much by following your interactions with your guests.
    You are one of a kind soul 💜
    Fabulous discussions with amazing astrologers..
    Thank you for the lessons and enriching our lives💜💜😘

  2. Pausing here to say thank you so much for giving us the information that the Venus return, Saturn return, Mercury return, etc. to where it is in our natal charts is an amplification for us of the issues in our lives that correspond to what those planets represent. It’s so helpful to get snippets of this kind of information about how these transits apply to our own charts. I listen for it in these discussions, and always hope to hear more about it. Thanks.

  3. Alice In Yogaland

    Thank You Henry and Amanda. I cried towards the end of this, thinking about humans taking care of each other. ❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Bettina Brandt

    Loved this exchange ~ Excited to see more of Henry in the coming year!

  5. Theresa Ann HANNAH

    i have been a big fan of Henry for years!! I bought “time passages” in 2017 ,i have used it daily since.Henry also did a reading on my “Eris” chart. i have no complaints, very happy with him and his company. the software is easy to use. so worth it. glad he is on astro hub❤

  6. Franzisca Carlotta


  7. Speaking of dancing partners dear Amanda, you and Henry are magic together! Thank you for this; I had chills several times as well.

  8. Great session – love the grounding detail and practical tips – thanks!

  9. Venus in Capricorn here reminding us that we can’t just have a vision; you have to assume the position. Get your body into it.
    Transpose the arts. Sing your body eclectic. “Strike the pose”…

    Aquarius ♒️

  10. Richie Havens – bless his genius soul- would remind all of us: It wasn’t just Youth making the difference at 1960’s Woodstock; there were legion of older folks involved as well. Both groups held the vision. All souls willing held the vision.
    And they put their lives into motion to prove it.

  11. Thank you so much Amanda and Henry💞💞💞💞

  12. Wow
    The most memorable times I’ve had are the ones when community came together. That’s what we all are dreaming.

  13. Amanda, I love that you get chills all the time. You are totally getting validation from the spirit world. When he was talking about Joni Mitchell’s song, I got massive chills on my body too. ✨🌟

  14. You’re giving me chills…!! ❤❤❤

  15. Hello beautiful soul and divine star!
    Mercury in Capricorn in natal chart or transit?!
    Thank you very much.
    I love you!
    God bless you!

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