Minecraft: How To Build a Wooden Cabin (House Tutorial)(#8) | 마인크래프트 건축, 통나무 집, 인테리어 how to

Minecraft: How To Build a Wooden Cabin (House Tutorial)(#8) | 마인크래프트 건축, 통나무 집, 인테리어 #buildempire


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Minecraft: a Winter Log Cabin.
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In this video, I’m going to show you how to build a Wooden Cabin,
and also decorate the interior.
This house includes a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, resting room, and a small farm outside.
Hope you enjoy this video!

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⌛ Timestamp
00:00 Intro
00:35 Exterior
13:10 Inside
15:05 First Floor Interior
19:42 Second Floor Interior
24:06 Outside
26:28 Outro

🎮 Game
• Minecraft

🔍 Version
• Java Edition 1.19.2(PC)

🌳 Resource Pack
• Faithful 1.18(x32)
• Download Link – https://faithful.team/

☀️ Shader Pack
• BSL v8.1.03
• Installation tutorial – https://youtu.be/AZWP9ql5tBI
• Download Link – https://bitslablab.com/bslshaders

🎹 Music

🎵 Do I Have What It Takes by Roni Bar Hadas

🎵 You’re Not Alone by Andrew Word

🎵 Our Story by BalloonPlanet

🎵 The Journey We Make by Cristof Walters

🎵 Tears Under the Sun by Dan Pundak

🎵 The One by Foster

🎵 Mabels Waltz by Jamie Rutherford

🎵 Vacation by John Coggins

🎵 The Road Home by John Van Houdt

🌼 Thanks for watching! =)

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