NBA 2K23 – How to Make Every Shot! How to Shoot! Become a Better Shooter! how to

NBA 2K23 – How to Make Every Shot! How to Shoot! Become a Better Shooter! #buildempire


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I have some tips and tricks to make you guys better jump shooters on NBA2K23! I PROMISE!

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  1. Thanks for the video…. GOATED!
    Can you maybe explain how dribble without losing adrenaline boost?

  2. Im_King_Amin

    so basically…..SHOOOOOT THE BALLLLLL!!!! lololol🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  3. Desmond Whitehurst

    Go in the facility w friends? They would never fix that 😭

  4. Stezzo said 4 diffent timings for jumper

  5. W vid gonna show my squad this vid they need to learn how to shoot😂😂

  6. Thank you for this one man. I’m a decent shooter. I can quick stop, I can catch and shoot, I can even fade decently. I do suffer from what you said about not thinking a lot of my looks are open and then either driving or swinging the ball to the next guy. I tend to focus on my feet and jumper queue rather than checking for the contest and if there’s any doubt I usually play it safe. I’m going to start firing more of them up like I did in 2k22 and seeing what works. Great video.

  7. Tony Jimenez

    Does this mean your release speed is on very late?

  8. If u wanna shot put 99 3pt…

  9. jeffery beckham

    Workout is pointless if you don’t get 4 stars on every workout.

  10. DeCorian Hailey

    When you say look at your wrist what is the cue

  11. 9:15 is there a Gatorade facility on current gen or should I just use my court

  12. Jacob Muffman


  13. Value & Time

    Thank you for this bro!!!

  14. Wsp Dirk what shot timing do you use?

  15. Sincere Isra€l

    U can’t look @ the wrist this year cuz 2k took out normal on shot timing 😭

  16. Its easy to shoot on the left side as a right handed person and left handed easier on the right as a ball player

  17. Yurrrr I see you gang 🎥🔥

  18. FallenLight999


  19. Kales Gaming

    34 s im fast

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