NBA 2K23 How to Play On Ball Defense with Clamps Badge : HOF Clamps Worth It ? how to

NBA 2K23 How to Play On Ball Defense with Clamps Badge : HOF Clamps Worth It ? #buildempire


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NBA 2K23 Clamps Badge : HOF Clamps Worth It ?

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  1. Spill thought you might not know who Scottie Pippen was… Please reply and let him know whether you have heard of Scottie Pippen. smh

  2. Hey, i think Brick Wall negates shooting contest. I called for a screen from both Lebron and AD. Took the same shots.

    Bron’s contest after screen was 30%
    AD’s was like 6%

    6’9 87 3PT with boost

  3. So basically bronze is pointless to use

  4. Donald Toonsberry

    My problem with Clamps is that it seems that I clamp them, they break free laterally and my guy is standing almost still. I have 89 perimeter d on my 6’9 inside-out point forward, but I can only get SILVER. I was paying attention when I made him, but the clamps situation slipped thru the cracks

  5. Errol Koram Jr

    Thanks for the videos man 10/10

  6. TheDreamHakeem

    I’m gonna need that anchor video next my g

  7. Sooooo I have it on silver , is that worth it ?

  8. Can we get a test on challenger please?

  9. The King MT MT

    All of these test just keeps proving that the game isn’t balanced. It’s still geared towards the offense still. Clamp breaker shouldn’t be a thing. If it wasn’t, that would be the definition of a stick skill gap

  10. 10 on the feedback

  11. Lucius Millinder


  12. Wish I was more patient on making my build. My guard has bronze clamps at 85 perimeter smh

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