Pokémon Scarlet & Violet – How to Catch All Titans how to

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet – How to Catch All Titans #buildempire


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Here is a quick guide on how to find and catch the former Titan Pokémon.

1080p 60fps Gameplay recorded and edited by Nintendo Unity. Consider to like, share and subscribe to support the channel.

Full list of Pokémon
Iron Treads
Great Tusk

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  1. Nintendo Unity

    I originally didn’t want to make this video until I realized that the game doesn’t tell you that the Titans reappear and it also doesn’t tell you that they do not respawn.
    SInce I’m a completionist myself, I thought this video might help some players.

  2. Actually you can catch every titan even its na post game some requirements is finish the titan and get the herb and after the pinic now they will spawn

  3. i unfortunately cant get great tusk anymore because i crit and one shot it and was in co-op and couldn’t restart my game without kicking my friend out

  4. Are these shiny huntable?

  5. What about the other titan

  6. You can catch every of them even before The fight, instead of rhe paradox one

  7. Well I wish I would have known this before killing Titan Tatsugiri 🙁

  8. Why no DONDOZO love that mon

  9. RainbowSix Warden

    Finally i saw someone riding Miraidon.

  10. Angel Villanueva

    Thefucks a titan? Like a slightly bigger pokemon?

  11. why does no one talk about that psyduck glitching into the wall while he or she is battling bombardier

  12. xX Gacha Cookiez xX

    I found klauf before i even started to battle it and i saw dondozo in the water before i battled it but even dondozo does spawn

  13. I wonder if alpha pokemon will have this mark in game.

  14. SCOTT DREEMURR the god of creation and destruction

    Yeah but they’ve shrunk so what’s the point

  15. The Krookodile Hunter

    Isn’t there more than one of each?

  16. Iron Treads respawned immediately after I defeated its Titan Form.

  17. You dont have to wait till postgame you can do this immediately after beating them. (At least for Klawf which im doing right now)

  18. What counts as Post-game? Because as soon as I beat Great Tusk he was just there and I caught him.

  19. But titan Dondozo can’t be caught?

  20. DarkStarYT 2.0

    Wow Future Donphan is awesome looking

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