Portfolio Update 10.09.2022 #PassiveIncome #DividendInvesting #Dividends #DividendStocks passiveincome

Portfolio Update 10.09.2022 #PassiveIncome #DividendInvesting #Dividends #DividendStocks #buildempire

#passiveincome #makemoneyonline

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Welcome everyone to Vested Interest. This is Shane and before we get into the video, I’d like to thank everyone whos taken the time to watch, comment and like the videos and a special thanks to those who have subscribed to the channel I appreciate it. For those of you who may be stopping by for the first time on this channel I focus investing by in stocks in good companies that pay growing dividends. It’s not rocket science and, in my opinion, the best way to do anything is to keep it as simple as possible so it really boils down to consistently investing, buying dividend growth stocks in growing companies, with positive cash flow, that covers the dividend and companies that return a high yield on their capital. I utilize both a dollar cost average approach, consistently investing into the stocks within the portfolio on a bi-weekly basis, every two weeks when I get paid at minimum, but I also do large purchases as well, if I have extra funds. I cover all my investments into this portfolio on this channel, I do not have a paid patron account, nor do I intend to ever have one, we all have enough to pay for, so it’s free to see what I’m investing in, but if you’d like to help the channel dropping a comment, liking the videos, and subscribing helps the channel out tremendously. I also have a link to my Webull account down below so if you’re looking to start your own investing account, if you use that link, you’ll get some free stocks when you sign up and deposit funds into the account. I will receive some free stocks as well so that helps me out, you don’t have to use my link you can sign up without it if you prefer. I do not cove my Webull activity on this channel, as it is more speculative in nature, with much higher risk, into stocks that don’t pay dividends. In today’s video we will be covering the most recent portfolio activity so without any further delay lets get right to it.
As always appreciate you stopping by and if you haven’ done so already don’t forget to show me some love and hit the thumbs up, ring the notification bell and subscribe to the channel drop a comment below to let me know what you think. I do personally read and respond to the comments, and I’m always interested to read your questions and or opinions.
This is Shane signing off wishing Peace and Prosperity to you and yours and remember financial security comes to those who take a VESTED INTEREST. See you next time.

Disclaimer: I’m not a financial advisor

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