Recipes To Keep You Warm | Part Two recipes

Recipes To Keep You Warm | Part Two #buildempire

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What better way to stay cosy and warm than with a hearty meal!

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  1. Gordon: little crocodile heads popping out of the water

    Son in his head: oh oh🤣

  2. 2:24 “ex-presso” ?

  3. Latina 4Life©

    Just what I needed to motivate me to cook something “f***ing” delicious! And make Ramsay proud 😁

  4. 😋Yummy recipe!

  5. Gordon why when I cook my food dont look like yours😭😂

  6. Saima Cooking Camp

    Tasty and yummy Nice sharing thanks for sharing stay connected #saimacookingcamp

  7. Imagine he started yelling at his kids lmao

  8. Allison Brown


  9. Man these videos are ancient

  10. His son is so cute. He should be the next cook

  11. Chief Enumclaw

    Sitting on the dock of the beach… love it!

  12. Aelton Carlos


  13. Awesome video

  14. Gordon need to receive a noble peace prize or something for being the best dad and saving many peoples lives and jobs over the years

  15. kuddus mohammod

    sir plz writing


    im a very big fan of you could u make an indian dinner course it would really mean a lot

  17. Tsuki Tanuki 👻

    Gordon is such a round about guy, I wish he was my grandfather

  18. Parents are world’s best teacher 😊

  19. SHAREL LUV🇧🇸

    I just wanted to say I don’t know what you might he going through Or what situation you’re in right now but I no god is there for you and he loves you God bless everyone who came across.🇧🇸❤️Marcia

  20. Lord Tourettes

    Hey look, his voice is normal this time

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