Remembering Names Is Important. Here’s How to Do It how to

Remembering Names Is Important. Here’s How to Do It #buildempire


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Do you have a hard time remembering names? Have you ever remembered someone’s name and made them feel really special?

Today Fr. Mark-Mary shares some practical tips on how to remember a name and why it matters when it comes to evangelization and making friends and disciples.

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  1. I randomnly crossed pathes with someone at a park who I hadn’t seen in over a year. God gave me the grace of remembering his name, Clint, and it made the encounter very special and powerful for both of us. What a blessing!

  2. Thank you, I needed this video

  3. Great advice father. God bless you

  4. I have this embarrassing problem! Sometimes I have enlisted the help of my guardian angel to help me remember someone’s name.

  5. Sadly, God did not give me this ability. One time I dated a guy for several years; about 10 years later I saw him at an event – my brain said I knew him ‘somewhere’ – but I couldn’t place him!! Another time I saw an old boss a few years after I had left the firm – she told me her name; didn’t ring a bell. Did I not care about these people – of course I did! There are some people that can’t place names and faces – no matter how much we want to. Trust me, I would have gotten a lot further in my career without this impediment.

  6. Cheers Fr. Mark, sipping my coffee when I open this clip:)
    So true about caring, as I get older, I observed that I don’t care as much as when I was younger, lol!
    So embarrassing when I meet someone in any random places here in town and they’ll call me by my name and I had no clue where I met them & who are they!…bad, bad situation!
    Thanks for this message, God Bless you too!

  7. Thecla Paolini

    I finally heard a talk about my favorite Father.l remember names and faces well and people are so honored when l say their name.they are so happily joyfuland surprised.
    I think is very oi.portant..
    That was great.

  8. I find that if I ‘associate’ the person’s name with someone else or something, along with caring & repeating the name helps me remember.

  9. I have journaled names before in order to write down something that I observed about them. Last two years, my journal has been covered with the same names over and over again. My heart whispers names because I want to pretend that I am talking to them.

  10. Good advice….thank you!

  11. One thing that I like to remember is that it was at 3pm that Jesus died. I do that by setting a reminder. I do that with the youversion Bible app which sends me a daily verse everyday at 3pm which gives me a chance to not only thank Jesus but to also read a verse as I am doing it. I hope this is received well but it is something that is important for me to remember.

  12. What a great video. Perfect topic and effective tips. Thank you, Father.

  13. I’m the third, I’m not 1 in a billion, I’m not even one in my family lmao

  14. I’m great with remembering names, but unfortunarely, numbers are a different story 🙁 I’m working on it each day though.
    God bless you Father🙏

  15. Samantha Figueroa

    Thank you Father Mark-Mary for this great video. I was just wondering how would the Lord call you if you legally changed your first name. I changed my first name to a biblical name and that is something I sometimes worry about.

  16. I’m a teacher (Poland). I keep forgetting my students’ names… Karol, Kamil, Kacper, Kuba, Krystian, Krzysio. I can’t help it… 😟

  17. That’s right. God knows everyone’s real name no matter where they are. And God knows everything that occurs in the world. God is too close but most people don’t realise it. God is great isn’t it?

  18. “The essence of evangelization is to tell everybody, ‘Jesus loves you, [Name]!’” ~Mother Angelica♥

    Fr. Mark-Mary: Ninja Mode🥷🙏

  19. Paryse Thibodeau

    Nice!!! As someone with a difficult name that is frequently butchered I just love when someone gets it right and completely amazed if they remember it 😊. Thank you Fr Mark-Mary 🙏

  20. People become important when their name is remembered!!!!

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