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  1. Soul I love this little clips and your ideas you share with us ❤️ keep doing, it’s fun ❤️ love ur content

  2. A fellow fan of Hamilton, I see!

  3. Jeffrey Farwell

    Soul thank you for the info. looks like main in SL inscriber is gonna sit this1 out. Still really thinking which toon with which proff to take oh well I was waiting on the pre- order cancellation part 🙂 Everyone stay safe and healthy and happy hunting/healing

  4. TBH, I thought I was already subbed. Watch all of your vids cause they’re easy to watch and you don’t overhype things.

  5. El canal del Argan

    You forgot to show the name of the profession while showing the Artisan’s Consortium profession things (that is, you zoomed so much it does not show up), I had to make a list of the profession order to be able to make a list of that the heck of rep level I could need to get it, xD.

  6. Joseph Begley

    Great video! By the way, does the Human racial give a 10% bonus to rep (leading to earlier Renown level-ups), or is it more like 9.1 Archivist Codex (where Human racial bonus does not apply)?

  7. Dragonflight professions are fully p2w.if you want that mythic crafted item spend real money buy the wow token just to tip the crafter.

    Dragonflight professions are fully pay to gear aka p2w🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Your Excel presentation skills are awesome – I work with data analysis and I love your color coding and organization – very easy to follow and understand

  9. Christopher Daffron

    In Beta I have on rare occasions gotten crafting pattern drops (BOP) that are not for my character’s professions. It would be nice if those could be account wide in case you have an alt with the profession.

  10. I wonder if you you can make BOP items for alts via orders

  11. Love your videos dude but they are starting to get a bit repetitive

  12. two words “Fuck Reputation”, that system not being account wide is just like covenant grinding stuff that man but some
    one out there will min/max profession reputations for all 8 professions and will get burnt out in the process, probably by design.

  13. Seems deliberate. Like they don’t WANT people being able to more easily be a 1 stop shop for crafting via alts.

  14. The Clockwork Robot

    You have become one of my favorite World of Warcraft related creators <3 you are so easy to listen to, and informative! Thanks for the wonderful videos.

  15. Doublebrutal Gaming

    Aaargh your excel fill colours hurt my soul :'(

  16. “…and how to cancel your preorder” 😂

  17. Heh. Look here….you eith play the damn game or you dont. You want the goodiess ? Then DO THE WORK!! Or dont…IDGAF. More for ME! One solution is once main is MAX rep on ALL majors be able to purchase or create a BoA token that bestows 2x rep gains on a chosen alt. Not going to tolerate the no life basement dwellers trying to corner in game markets because they cant manage a decent outside life.

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