salmon cups 🍣 *easy recipe* recipes

salmon cups 🍣 *easy recipe* #buildempire

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  1. The Waffle House has found its new host

  2. Milla Michaels-Heilbron

    Cuties!! Looks yum

  3. Anita Gail Demitroff

    Tip: just cut the added sauce a tiny bit. Healthier and you can taste the great ingredients better!

  4. She is adorable!!!!!

  5. Feleciapink22

    You’re so sweet to your lil cousin lol I’m sure she loves doing these videos with you!

  6. She’s so cute!🥰

  7. healthiest person in ohio 💀💀

  8. Poppy Collins

    This is amazing my mo
    Always said you can not be skinny and know how to cook

  9. U don’t have a eating disorder you just can’t stop eating don’t blame things on something that’s not true excuse

  10. adrian arnold

    We just love you …kindest person …your soul is beautiful…keep being you… wholesome 💗

  11. David Gregory

    You need to buy Kevin some clothes I’ve seen homeless guys with better taste

  12. Your cousin is a cutie 🥰

  13. Didnt even wash the rice imagine what else she doesnt🤢

  14. nat_cho friend


  15. U were in my dream

  16. Hayley Meredith

    Oh my god stooooopp, so cute ☺️

  17. Omg love your hair!

  18. eggo waffle 🧇

    The whole family big

  19. Jlynn Montano

    Aww how cute your cousin is adorable! This is so awesome I love to do this (hang/chill) with all my little cuz’s n nieces n nephews ❤️😊 😁😁

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