Silicon Valley Bank MELTDOWN Explained | How to PREPARE for the RECESSION | Jaspreet Singh how to

Silicon Valley Bank MELTDOWN Explained | How to PREPARE for the RECESSION | Jaspreet Singh #buildempire


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On Today’s Episode:
Here’s how the second-biggest bank collapse in U.S. history happened in just 48 hours. Silicon Valley Bank closed its doors today. Within 48 hours, a panic induced by the very venture capital community that SVB had served and nurtured ended the bank’s 40-year-run.

Regulators shuttered SVB Friday and seized its deposits in the largest U.S. banking failure since the 2008 financial crisis and the second-largest ever. The company’s downward spiral began late Wednesday, when it surprised investors with news that it needed to raise $2.25 billion to shore up its balance sheet. What followed was the rapid collapse of a highly-respected bank that had grown alongside its technology clients.
You are not alone if the recession has you nervous about what to expect. People have real concerns about whether or not they’ll be able to afford groceries, gas, and even rent!

For sure you’ve heard that millionaires are made in recessions, but how?

Jaspreet Singh is joining Tom for a second time to get you up to speed on what it takes to get wealthy during any recession. Jaspreet is the Minority Mindset guru and Chief Money Nerd at Minority Mindset Companies. He’s been creating financial education videos on YouTube for years and is breaking down all the reason you don’t have to be scared during a recession

Jaspreet is a voice of reason to remember that recessions are only bad or good in relation to which side of the equation you are on. This is a must watch if you’re trying to find the best route through a recession that has most people nervous and panicked.

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  1. Fantastic video😊 regardless of the economic slump, I’m so happy I have been earning $ 40,000 returns from my portfolio income every 13days.

  2. Veer ji I would love too hear your view point on Automation & Immigration, which one of these hurts our economy and which one builds our economy?? Thank you

  3. thanks for the reality from India 🤑🤑

  4. Nothing But Respect for my Brother Jaspreet stay in Chardie Kala veer ji🙏💯

  5. Very informative video, good to know what is actually happening, instead of what is told by the matrix on this one or on anything really, keep opening peoples eyes 💪

  6. Companies buy back stock because the pressure to keep the stock price up

  7. Guys you might want to be careful about talking about these types of topics, due to exposure! Big brother in whatever form, might be watching!!🫣 just for yr safety.

  8. No one in a free market will be paying 2% for a mortgage or loan ever. Let the government step in and screw this market and you have the post ’08 train wreck falling apart in front your eyes. And this guy in regard tech companies is not totally correct. This isn’t a consequence of rising rates it’s the consequence of A Federal Reserve fantasy economy where flooding an economy with free money year after year after year allowing tech companies that aren’t viable in a real economy to be in business. Rates rising to more market lead levels wash out garbage that should never have been born.

  9. 28:37 there’s a fourth thing companies do with cash, they buy back their stock to reduce the float (shares outstanding) which props up the share price.

  10. We are playing monopoly whether we know it or not.

  11. I have grown up in Silicon Valley. Educated here and worked in the SF financial district during the late 80s-90s. This is huge. Just throw a rock in the pond. That is what is happening.

  12. Bishal Dhakal

    Hi Tom, I don’t know if you are ever gonna read this comment or not but could you please invite Joe Brown from Heresy Financial for an interview at your shows. His videos are really informative. Thanks.

  13. Inflation isn’t based at present based on consumer demand or wages, it’s asset based , stocks, houses, corporate debt.

  14. Our President, media and politicians have been lying about how bad this is. They most likely want to destroy the $ to bring in a digital currency. And y’all thought Biden n the dems were moderates😂

  15. Debt monetization is living off a credit card, simple as that

  16. This guy is highly educated. 🤓

  17. JoAnne Denison

    I hate to tell you this but nobody’s seen the high inflation. Go by your stuff on eBay or Amazon or use coupons at the grocery store. Inflation is a bunch of BS. It’s just for men who never use coupons who never shop around. There should be two inflation rates one for men that don’t shop around and then don’t use coupons and another one for women that shop around and use coupons all the time. By the way my $5 CVS coupon expired at midnight 2 hours ago so I’m falling into the male category right now it’s so sad

  18. Hey dude, lose the diaper 🧷 🤕

  19. We need Trump back! 😁

  20. All Biden fault? 😳

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