Terra Invicta Guide – Alien threat level (and how to avoid total war) how to

Terra Invicta Guide – Alien threat level (and how to avoid total war) #buildempire


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For many players of Terra Invicta – the 2020s end in a positive fashion. You probably have a few good nations under control, you’ve got a space economy running, and your technological development should be proceeding well.

Then, sometime in the late ’20s or ’30s, the aliens start changing their behaviour, they start launching retaliation attacks, and from there many players struggle to out-build the damage.

The trick behind this, which the game explains (but not loudly or well enough) is that the aliens are willing to tolerate some actions by humanity, but more than that invites measured retaliation – and if you provoke them too heavily, they will continue to strike back in response.

In this video, I talk through the alien threat/hate mechanic and how you can manage it in order to stay (mostly) under their radar until you’re prepared to challenge them openly.

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  1. “Mercury Dyson Sphere.”

    Yep, no explanation needed. That was gold.

  2. 2030’s being when things go wrong?
    Man…. their lucky.
    Somehow the Servants got Alien Nations at 2025 and i thought i was making good progress on earth.
    (Lets not talk about space. I’m just getting moon base with mining started)

  3. Yousaid thusly

    Two things are still unknown it seems:

    1. Are there activities that actively BLEED OFF hatred (ie attacking alien-unfriendly factions; dismantling bases; building civilian/research vs resource/warfare?)

    2. What is the AI FACTION thresholds and do they affect yours? While your own actions may provoke them, would a GENERAL PRESENCE OF ALL FACTIONS be a factor of specific threat? Or does the threat of one faction not affect others? CAN I ALLY A HOSTILE FACTION AND HAVE THE ALIEN FIGHT THEM only for me to remain UNHARMED!?

    These are important questions we need to solve; perhaps one faction is considered notable, but maybe multiple factions in space SHARING RECOURSES CAN BE A STRONGER PRESENCE WITHOUT REACHING THR HOSTILITY THRESHOLD????

  4. midgester222

    How much does attacking alien Lifeforms increase Hatred? I’ve been sitting at the Hate Limit for a while now (with only around 50 MC) and all I’ve really been doing _recently_ is using armies to destroy Xenoflora. I suppose it could also be me “attacking” the servants by always making sure I have a turned councillor of theirs.

  5. Michael Curran

    a.k.a. Metagaming your way to success.

  6. Lmao nice callout on potato, poor guy the struggle was fun to watch..

  7. Hello Perun, if you buy the game “Foxhole” you will fall in love im sure. I lack the words to describe it. But this is a real war game. (not like cod, tarkov, battlefield etc – those are battle games) this is a war game, different than anything you have ever played. A. real. war. game.

  8. Ruxxo Legend

    Yisus christ, thanks!!!! I really needed this XD

  9. Tiago D'Agostini

    One thing I still have no clue is how I really win 😛 I rebuilt the soviet union have 1 CP in each every other country (for resources, since I noticed that executive control just brings you extra problems) have wiped all other human ships from existence. But from this point where I go to defeat the aliens.

  10. How do you even read the threat meter? All i see is the 5 chevrons but no indication on what threat level i am. Please elaborate

  11. Super X-Potato: リスナー neokai

    “Humanity Counter Offensives – Seven Years from Moon to Mars”
    “End of the Monitor? (no) – Defense Arrays and Spaceship losses around Mercury”
    “Hydra’s closest ally – Could the Servants successfully invade Australia? (probably not)”

  12. Forty-Four One-One-Two

    Nice and cool guide. Thank you Perun.

  13. Richie Burkett

    Thank you for this! I did drop off at the spoiler part but this was still very helpful for new players.

  14. 13deadghosts

    11:00 Hey, it’s not running away, it is a fighting retreat! It is now 2027 and while HF & TR have been busy stalling the Servants, Project Exodus as been exterminating Aliens, Megafauna and Alien Plants wherever we could find them, even by the means of nuclear fire, where necessary. The first Alien warship kill also goes to Exodus. Project Exodus has the shares the same goal as HF&TR, survival of Humanity, we are just plan B incase HF&TR loose the fight. And when we leave, all the other Factions are invited should they need a ride. But not the Protectorate and the Servants. The Airlock it is for the former and Flamethrower for the later 😀

    Anyway thx for the video, loving your playthrough. I am now on restart 7 and this time, it seems like it will be a good playthrough. Also greetings from Germany 🙂

  15. Çağlar Kalaycıoğlu

    Perun can you make a mock video in your other channel’s style (powerpoint) about the events in your HF run? It would be super fun!

  16. Nine Worlds From Drew

    I’ve been watching PotatoMcWhiskey’s playthrough, and he seems oblivious to this mechanic. Was it added or patched in a later update?

  17. I’m in late 2030s and I just hit the point, not by intention, but just missmanagement, that I am basically at war. I’m so no prepared (humanity first). I already got clapped 2 times and needed to start a new campaign. This time, I’m am able to retaliate. Tho that 9k mothership fleet above earth gave me a headache.

    Tips I learned for neutralising it:
    1) their arsenal is mostly missiles, so if you deplete it, the combat rating goes down to like 2-3k and they become mostly harmless – so just suicide a few ships into it and in my experience, they rather leave to refit than stay (they will deplete all of their missiles on the few ships)
    2) all of your stations by this time should have defences built up – 3 arrays are enough for most fights. But you need good lasers
    3) don’t be me and leave Mercury undefended, it’s gonna hurt a lot. Have a few ships to intercept raiders there. They, in my experience, send destroyers and corvettes rather than bigger ships there. So having 2 fleets of 5 suicide ships is enough to stop it for some time. Tho you need the ability to rebuild quickly

  18. Emily Nelson

    I’ve captured two aliens, assassinated 4 others, and killed their first 3 invasions with nukes and armies. Even defeated them in orbit of Earth once. They have yet to send punitive missions against my bases though, because my mc is below 80. All that in the 2030s. Lets just say the servants have been trying to carry the alien invasion as well, but have just been further weakening themselves, while strengthening me, Exodus and the Academy. I’ve been at max hatred for 6 years with no punitive missions, and been at war with the alien administration(has lost their capital 15 times by this point) without declaring it right from the beginning. Wierdest thing about that game though is the aliens are launching punitive strikes against Exodus and the Protectorate.

  19. Oh Wiseman of the Alien Apocalypse. Does anyone know how the merging of nations effects military tech age? Cause i just merged china, japan, southeast asia and indonesia into a super empire. And all the fusion age armies i had downgraded to information age.

  20. Almighty Bogza

    Please make more videos.. I am hooked on your HF campaign

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