Testing Viral TikTok Drink Recipes *so yummy* 🤤 recipes

Testing Viral TikTok Drink Recipes *so yummy* 🤤 #buildempire

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Welcome back to my kitchen! Are you ready to make some drinks 🍹 ? Don’t forget to like and subscribe https://bit.ly/2JFCtDr

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  1. Who’s ready to make some drinks? 😁 *Cheers!*

  2. I could never drink plain milk. So I’ve always added cereal to my hot coffee…

  3. I kinda want to try the last one and that coffee/cereal hack 😅

  4. Baby Lilah looks a lot like Alfred, she’s so cute.

  5. Miss Kristin 1976

    Happy Monday Tina & Family ❤Hope your all doing well ❤how is everyone doing 😊Love these tick tok videos

  6. ❤️❤️❤️Lyla❤️❤️❤️

  7. Danny Gochicoa

    She looks like you !!!

  8. Zen has such a friendly nature❤️❤️
    My YouTube friend 😆

  9. Katherine Canita

    I just love you more Tina for not letting soggy cereal go to waste!

  10. She looks more like Alfred

  11. meet your uncles,aunties.brothers and sisters!!!! 😀

  12. Yess cocktails pls!! 🤍

  13. Pooja Punchihewa

    Please try some indian fashion..😍♥️

  14. Laila is so cute. All drinks looks delicious.

  15. Pooja Punchihewa

    Lilah looks like alfred…😊 but some times i feel she is more like zen..that might be becaise both of them have round faces..😊😊

  16. Witchblade Edits

    1:33 It’s milk first for me since I have to heat it up 🤣🤣

  17. I used to put my leftover coffee in my Cereal or oatmeal.

  18. Literally watching ur cooking videos… And u had just posted this…. I just love these videos… Plzz try to make more of these videos….

  19. whoever pours milk first is a psychopath hahah

  20. Yesss Cocktail

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