The BEST denim jeans & how to find your perfect pair how to

The BEST denim jeans & how to find your perfect pair #buildempire


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In today’s video, I’m sharing exactly how you can find your own perfect pair of denim jeans! Use these tips next time you’re shopping vintage or brand new, and find that pair that makes you feel like a million dollars! And makes your booty look like a peach emoji 🍑

I’m also sharing tips on how to find your sizing, how to verify if your Levis are vintage, and my top 5 favorite pairs of jeans, both vintage and modern!

Let me know your fave pairs of jeans in the comments, and what you look for in them!

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Jeans Mentioned 👖
Where I buy all my vintage denim
Levi 501s (similar)
Levis wedgie straight jeans
Levis ribcage jeans
Agolde 90s jeans (size down 1-2 sizes)
Similar to Agolde, affordable
Re/done mid loose 90s jeans
Levi 550s
modern similar
Levi 505s (exactly like 501 fit but with zipper fly)
Modern similar to levi 531/512
Toteme Wide Jeans
Everlane 90s Cheeky
Everlane 90s Curvy

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  1. Christina Mychas

    What do you look for in a perfect pair of jeans?

  2. 👖 ❤️ , hugs 🤗 , Amy

  3. federica bellinghieri


  4. 👖great video

  5. Hi Christina, thank you for this video! This was so informative and helpful. Jeans are the best!

  6. Another amazing jeans are the voyage, lash and rowe cuts from Weekday. Fabulous!

  7. 👖 great video really informative

  8. Unfortunately as a plus size/ curvy person, I can’t do 100% cotton bc they all gap in the back. And in Levi’s I have to go a ridiculous size up. Like I’m typically a 16x and maybe the size 22x will be comfy. It’s fkn insane 😢
    And bc of my bum even high rise sometimes won’t be high rise enough smh

  9. Were is this tight pants sequence from

  10. 👖👖👖

  11. I’m a baby boomer who fell in love w/Levi’s 501 back when you had to soften them yourself. No lie…I had to buy them about 2 sizes too big, and sit in a bathtub full of hot water, and let the jeans shrink and mold to my shape. Then, I had to keep them on until they dried. The worst part was how blue the bath water turned. It was a chore to get them right, but when I pulled them on they felt like the were made just for me. I’ve never had a pair fit me like that since.

  12. Paola Cevallos

    I recently bought a pair of 90s cheeky from Everlane and they are the best jeans I’ve ever purchased. I’ve been wearing them non-stop.

  13. .🦋 👖

  14. Great video! The star of the video is your abs💙💛

  15. This was literally right on time.

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