The Science of Stress & How to Reduce It #shorts how to

The Science of Stress & How to Reduce It #shorts #buildempire


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  1. hah! just when I am stressing

  2. Anamika Mishra

    The west is finally catching up on Pranayam y’all

  3. dinosaur-flavored-cum

    The waffle house has found it’s new host

  4. Edrees Mangal

    Good video thanks you sir 😊❤

  5. Maria Sowińska

    Amazed as always. So simple clear and useful. Thank You dear, best science based YouTuber 😊

  6. kevin siregar

    Nice video. Thanks Ali 👌

  7. The editing >>>

  8. Éva Eszter Baráth

    perfect timing 😀

  9. Stop drinking CAFFEINE. I stopped drinking CAFFEINE because its always makes me NERVOUS , I think like the world is going to collapse. You can’t hold your brain to stop thinking or control the thought, and when you consume CAFFEINE you brain will start thinking and thinking and you can’t stop it and you will not rest .. try hot mint drinks or hot lime drinks , anything other then caffeine!
    I promise your life will be changed! Don’t follow the crowd

  10. Ground breaking Ali

  11. Henry Simpson

    The one video I needed thank you!

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