The Worst Recipes in TikTok History recipes

The Worst Recipes in TikTok History #buildempire

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Myjanebrain, a TikTok chef that puts together some of the worst recipes ever seen by man. Today, we watch a few of her recent recipes, regretting it every step of the way. Buckle up.

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    Chicken and peanut butter🤨interesting😧

  2. 7:07 Are the eyes of a confused person,thinking why did I make this let alone eat it.

  3. These people irritate me.

  4. I’m dead💀

  5. I’ve been pretty ill the last few days and I haven’t been able to eat anything so this was basically the perfect video for me. I’m not even a little hungry anymore.

  6. It is said that, in his twenties, Alexander wept because there were no worlds left to conquer.

    Me, because of Thick Tok.

  7. I already had a bad day, but shi– it’s almost the end, why not watch.

  8. Thank you feminism, look at what you did.

  9. That meat man’s blood red and yellow eyes are gonna give me nightmares and it gets worse

  10. Khaleil Ricketts

    I love how she said we’re restoring them to their base form like that’s not how that works. Why didn’t the lady in the 2nd one not just use the whole piece of bread there was zero point in cutting it

  11. when i looked at the thumbnail i thought the chicken wing was a spoon scooping out peanut butter…

  12. _._._._LILITH _._._._

    No hate to all Americans but most of y’all Wtf are y’all doing bruh

  13. I made a pretty good potato soup outta stale potato chips, fried some onions in butter, some cream and whole milk, the chips then some chives then some chedder, no salt due to the salt on the chips

  14. PokeytheProto

    I’m literally eating pizza August thanks LOL

  15. ๑☆ 𝚊 𝚢 𝚕 𝚊 ☆๑

    “what, we’re just making a meat man?”
    -august, 2023

  16. 3:19 IT’S POGGING

  17. May sound a bit facist but our population may need some “pruning” for the sake of our future

  18. Rafael Negrete

    Oh gawd, the way the chicken activated my fight or flight response

  19. 8:05 “It feels done, it’s so heavy!”

    What the hell does weight have to do with whether it’s done or not? Presumably nothing has entered the bag and, assuming it actually it cooking in there, it would only get lighter (although very minorly) by the airborne water vapors. That bag in no way would be getting heavier.

  20. The meat face 😭😭🤮

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